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5 Career Tips on Improving Productivity Even as Holidays Approach

by Roveen

We are deep in the holiday season and for many people, this is the time to take it easy and relax, with nary a worry about anything.

Unfortunately, some people might need to work through the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season. If you are one of the people who will be working during the season, you might be wondering how to stay productive.

Well, here is how:

Try to Stick to Your Routine

Now is not the time for experimentations when it comes to your routine. Sure, many companies might change their schedule, but you need to ensure that your routine stays as close to what you are used to.

This will help you stay in the work groove and ensure you remain productive.

Have Clear and Distinct Goals for the Month

December is a month in which you could easily lose your way so the best way to be productive is to have clear goals and focus for the whole month.

Start with the work goals you want to achieve this month and how you want to achieve them. Be realistic about them too. You shouldn’t have a goal that is too big because at the end of the day, December will always be a holiday month for many people. So, make the goals realistic and easy to achieve without needing to over-extend yourself.

Find the Best Location with Minimal Distraction

For many people, working in the office during the holiday season can be exhausting, but then working from home can also be a little too distracting.

Still, find the best possible location that will help you focus a lot more on your work than on what is going on around you. A simple act such as changing your desk location can help.

Minimize Internet Use when Working

Okay, this might be difficult since you need the internet for work, but to avoid distractions, turn off notifications, sounds or any other thing that can be disruptive.

Put your phone on silent and, if possible, put it in another room; close non-work related tabs, and when not using the internet for work, disconnect it. This will help you keep your focus on work.

Relax, You Got This

Finally, remember to relax simply. You don’t need to stress yourself as you try to find your focus. Sometimes, simply letting things be rather than trying too hard can help you regain your focus.


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