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5 Tips to Reduce Stress This Festive Season as an Entrepreneur

by Roveen

Let’s just get it out of the way – entrepreneurship is hard.

But even more damning – entrepreneurship is harder during the Christmas and New Year festivities. Many entrepreneurs will often have a hard time relaxing during these holidays, as you worry about running your business properly amidst the chaos, while also caring for your finances.

But worry no more. Below are some tips on how to survive the holiday season as an entrepreneur.

Delegate Duties

The first thing to do as an entrepreneur who desires to take some time off is to find a trustworthy person to whom you will delegate your duties to.

I know many entrepreneurs don’t like giving up control but if you are going to unwind during the festivities, you are going to need to find someone to take over duties from you.

Schedule Self-care Time

Self-love and self-care are the mantra in this day and age. Perhaps you are the kind to grimace a little on this but you should also consider self-care during these festivities to minimize stress.

Take that holiday, go visit your family, spend some time on the spa or getting a massage. You deserve it after a hectic year of round-the-clock working.

Communicate to Clients and Employees About Your Unavailability

You don’t want to get called up with work-related issues that are not emergencies so, plan ahead and ensure that your most loyal clients are aware that you are on break for Christmas through to New Year’s.

This way, you ensure that nobody rings you if it’s not an emergency because they all know that you are away.

Complete Tasks Early

You don’t want to get back to the office with mountains of pending tasks waiting for you in January 2024.

So, ensure that you complete any pending tasks for this year so that you have a stress-free holiday away from the office.

Find a Balance

You want to unplug from your business and recharge but ensure that you aren’t complete unplugged. Your employees should be able to reach you in the event of an emergency so, ensure that even when your personal line is out of reach, your emergency line is active.

And there you have it – ways to de-stress during this festive season as an entrepreneur.

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