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5 Industries That Utilize Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards play a vital role in today’s modern world as technology becomes ever important in our daily lives and routines. PCBs are used in almost every electronic device, serving as a foundation for technologies in many industries. As tech marches forward, the need for PCBs will also grow.

Here are 5 industries that make use of printed circuit board technology.

1 Communications

Printed circuit boards are essential for industries involved in telecommunications. From broadcasting networks to office communications and cell phones PCBs are the base technology that make communications equipment even possible. These days it’s hard to even imagine how we communicated with one another before today’s communication equipment, such as the aforementioned cell phone, came along.

Thanks to the humble PCB, we are able to communicate with each other more clearly, faster and in more ways than ever before.

2 Industrial applications

The industrial sector has benefited enormously from the printed circuit board, particularly in businesses that rely on production lines and other manufacturing facilities. PCBs are vital not just for day-to-day tasks, but they also allow for automation which can help companies improve efficiency and eliminate or at least reduce human error

Printed circuit boards can be designed specifically to take on high-demand applications and the challenging environments that the industrial sector requires.

3 The medical sector

PCBs and the electronic components they can hold contribute in significant ways to the medical sector. They are not just used in appliances but also in diagnostics, monitoring and treatment devices. Applications of printed circuit boards within the medical sector is growing just as fast as technology itself improves and advances, leading to new and greater possibilities. PCB design layout software, such as Altium which is the most popular on the market, is often used to create PCBs for this industry.

4 Automotive Applications

Within the modern automotive industry, everyday vehicles feature a wide range of advanced electronics which provide more functionality for the driver. Just a few years ago vehicles only had a relatively few numbers of electronic circuits which served the bare essentials. Today we use them for navigation, media, proximity sensors etc. and of course autonomous vehicles make even wider use of the PCB.

5 Aviation

It isn’t just military and space applications that require printed circuit boards, commercial aviation require them too. Specialized PCBs are required to provide consistency, performance and of course reliability. As the number of devices used commercial aviation continues to expand, new interfaces are needed to improve aircraft safety and make sure that multiple and complex networks are able to work together seamlessly.

The aviation industry has new demands for printed circuit boards and the accompanying equipment that is able to withstand harsh, mobile and ‘mission-critical’ environments. As the industry grows and becomes more sophisticated, the demand for more complex printed circuit boards continues to grow right alongside it.

There are many more industries that require the use of printed circuit boards but the above are the 5 biggest that require them into today’s modern world. As an example, the agricultural industry has surprisingly benefited from this technology.

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