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Alternative to BFF Charms? Get These Meaningful Gifts for Your Best Friend Instead


Having a best friend is truly a blessing – those who understand this treasure them. A gift is a perfect way to treat your best friend and show your appreciation to them. But we always fall in the same loop of finding that perfect gift. That, too, is a gift that is different from last year’s gift. After all, it is your Best Friend we are talking about.

A charm as a gift makes sense. It is personal; it is beautiful, it reminds them of you every time they wear it. But what if you have had some better alternatives of charms. Something that is more personalized and looks stunning as well. Something that is meaningful and has healing properties that will help your friend maintain their composure. Basically, a gift that will be used as an accessory and has the power to transform their life. Excited? Read on. 

1. Shungite Earrings

You can grab a pair of Shungite earrings for your friend if you want her to give something that can do more than sparkle. Shungite stone inhibits powerful properties which protect the wearer from EMFs and other negativity in their surroundings. The earring’s design is trendy, modern, and subtle for those who like to keep things minimal yet invest in statement-worthy accessories. The stone’s black, shiny luster looks even more elegant when paired with a cool-tone metal, and it makes for a gift that is both meaningful and pretty! Earrings are a fun way to jazz up the whole ensemble, be it a pair of oversized tassels or plain drop pendants; they’re a great way to complement most attires. An additional way to capture your friend’s heart would be by picking a matching style for yourself so that you both can wear it together for a fun event.

2. Tanzanite Pendant

If your friend is a huge fan of colors such as blue or violet, then Tanzanite jewelry is the best pick to surprise your friend. The enticing color of this beautiful natural stone will make your friend swoon over her special gift, while its healing properties will be the bonus! Tanzanite stone helps stimulate the body’s energies and adds a halo of calm and serene around the wearer’s body. The pendant is a statement piece that will add enough color and sparkle to your friend’s monochromatic looks. She’ll be more than thrilled to style the pendant with a cool-tone metal to enhance its color even further. You may even add some charms along with the pendant to personalize your gift and choose a design that’s personal to her, the bond you share, or that symbolizes a memory.

3. Personalized Necklaces

Personalized necklaces have become increasingly popular because of their tailored style, which instantly adds a sentimental factor to the accessory. It is a symbolic way to show your appreciation to your friend. If you want to go one step further with the design, then you customize the necklace in your handwriting to give it a personal style and make it a special memory for your friend. There are various trendy styles, such as choosing your friend’s initials or a nickname, so grab the right piece of jewelry that would mean the most to your friend. There are plenty of options when it comes to metal finishes, but if your friend is a fan of simple and sophisticated jewelry, then a warm-tone metal will become her instant favorite! 

4. Turquoise Earrings

You can gift your friend a pair of pretty Turquoise earrings in a fun shape/motif to add to your friend’s sophisticated jewelry collection. Even though Turquoise jewelry may have a bold color, the great thing about it is that it pairs well with lighter, neutral shades such as beige and whites. There are multiple benefits of this soothing stone that make it a great choice, such as the ability to instill inner peace in the person, help with anxiety and stress, and enhance the person’s creative side. If you’re looking for something that looks more stylish, you can opt for earrings with natural stone as a central piece. The intricate metal designing around it will make it the right combination of elegance and chic. It will make for a pretty, playful, and nostalgic accessory that will remind your friend of her favorite childhood memories.

5. Amethyst Rings

Thinking about your friend’s interests, does it occur to you that she’s primarily a spirited young woman? Well, the Amethyst stone is perfect for you then, as it’s the ultimate symbol of celebrating one’s femininity. Amethyst rings can be worn for adding balance to a person’s life, opening up the soul for clarity, enhancing positivity, and overall relieving the body’s anger and stress. Your friend will also love to wear it on her finger to add that pop of color offered by the natural stone. You can pick a ring finished in a cool-tone metal that will complement the stone’s ethereal beauty and pigment. The ring will go with most of your friend’s attires and suit her personality, undoubtedly. If she likes different colors, you can choose a ring with multiple stones of varying colors.

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