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Blanc Mask – the Fashion-centric and Tech-edgy PPEs protection against Corona

by Felix Omondi

We live in unusual times with the mantra for most businesses across all the industries being ‘business unusual.’ That is mostly thanks to the spread of coronavirus’ sickening tentacles around the world. Right now, the COVID-19 pandemic still has a nauseating embrace on virtually the entire globe.

Amid this pandemic, humanity has stood firm and proved up to the task of tackling the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. You can see that from the innovation happening from across the industries, from the electronics technology fields in the form of virtual classrooms, online purchases, and virtual meetings, to the biological technology innovation, such as the various options of possible COVID-19 virus vaccines currently on trial.

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The innovative Face Mask – Blanc Mask

According to a directive from the World Health Organization, among other medical bodies, wearing a face mask goes a long way in helping curb the spread of this virus. While there is a myriad of versions of masks in the market, it is safe to say, not all masks work for everyone.

For instance, WHO recommends that health workers to use specialized masks like the N95 masks, which you can buy here, while the general population can use standardized cloth-based face masks. Well, you might want to learn of a new type of face mask that seems to have been 3D-printed right out of a sci-fi movie.

Dubbed Blanc Mask, this equipment – yes, you read that right, it is a tech-gizmo – is said to clean 99.97% of the bad things in the air you breathe. That ranges from the microorganisms such as coronavirus to micro-particles to VOCs.

The Full-Face Cover Design

The Blanc mask is a full-face cover that not only filters the air you breathe, thus protects you from COVID-19 infection, but also wholly covers your face. It is quite ideal in this increasingly over-surveyed world.

The mask is designed to split vertically into two halves. You snap on or off together in a matter of seconds.

When you snap it on together and use it to cover your face, you use a wide headband at the back to strap it around the back of your head. So, unlike the conventional face masks, the Blanc mask will not give your ear fatigue from the string pulling them towards your face. You could wear the mask all day without ever needing to remove it because of the soars around your ears like the ones you get when wearing a conventional face mask.

Once worn, this face mask becomes completely air-tight around your head. With air flowing inside a carefully calibrated pathway drawing in fresh air from outside through HEPA filters located at the front. While the air you exhale leaves the mask from outlets located at the base. The mask’s air-flow design is such that your visor does not get fogged up as you exhale.

It is interesting to point out that you can also wear the mask with your prescription-glasses. Additionally, you can have it come with a customized visor with corrective lenses for your eyesight installed. Visors with corrective lenses come at a higher price.

A Fashion Statement

While the Blanc Mask’s primary objective is to protect you from COVID-19 infection, it comes in a variety of interesting designs that you can use to make bold fashion statements. Indeed, this gizmo falls right into the category of wearable technology. Check out the pics below, and see if you disagree.

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