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Buyer’s Guide to Handheld vs Desktop Vaporizers


Are you looking for a new way to consume marijuana that doesn’t involve smoking or inhaling any smoke? Are you worried about the risks that come along with smoking and want to consume your marijuana through products that produce vapor instead?

For most people, the very first time they try marijuana, it is in the form of a joint. While this is probably the most common way to consume cannabis, there are many other ways to get high. One such way is through vaporizing weed. Vaporizer comes in two types; handheld, and desktop. Vaporizers are a fantastic way to enjoy cannabis without the harmful by-products created by combustion,

They provide easy and efficient means of consuming your favorite strains in a variety of ways, whether you prefer dry herb or concentrates. While they both essentially provide you with the same outcome and product, they are quite different in how they work. If you want to know these differences and how each product works to make an informed decision, here is everything you need to know.

What is a Desktop Vaporizer?     

Unlike handheld vaporizers, desktop vaporizers aren’t very portable. They are typically meant to stay in one place and you can’t use them on the go, but that doesn’t mean they offer less of an experience.

The desktop vaporizer is an efficient, affordable, and discreet way to smoke marijuana. Smoke Cartel offers a great variety of desktop vaporizers for those who want to vape their cannabis rather than smoking it. The desktop version will provide you with quick hits that won’t irritate your throat or lungs as much as smoking does. You’ll also be able to enjoy the flavor of your bud more since vaporizers don’t burn the plant material as traditional methods do. One of the best things about vaping is that it doesn’t have any lingering smells and anyone around can hardly tell what you’re doing unless they get very close.

These vaporizers are powered by electricity and are always plugged into a wall outlet when in use. This means that you have a much more consistent flow and more likely a better experience.

Desktop vaporizers also allow you to adjust the heat setting to your desired temperature in order to customize your experience. These are great for when you are at home and are session vaping.

What are the different Handheld Vaporizers?

By far, the most popular vaporizer that you can find on the market today are that of handheld vaporizers. When it comes to handheld vaporizers, there are a few different ones to choose from to find the one that is most suited to you.

Pen vaporizers can come in both dry herb vaporizer or ones that vaporize concentrate. They are the most basic of the basic vaporizers and all you need to do is add in your product and press a button. All handheld vaporizers work with a charging system, that either charges an external battery or the battery in the device itself, making it incredibly convenient for on the go.

If you are looking for something a little bit more advanced, you could try out a portable vaporizer. Just like the vape pen, this is easy to transport and requires charging. However, with this kind of vape you have far more control over heat setting and even airflow, allowing you to adjust it to have the best experience for you.

The Cleaning Process for Both

When it comes to any form of dry herb vaporizer, you need to consider the fact that you should be cleaning them, no matter what kind you get. With all dry herb vaporizers, after each session, you must brush out all of the left-over debris from the chamber for the next session to be just as good. While just cleaning out the debris after every session will be good for a few uses, it is important to note that you should be doing a deep clean of any kind of vaporizer you have after every few sessions. Not only will this be more hygienic, but it will also ensure that you have the best experience and et the most out of your weed every single time.

What Benefits do they offer?      

Last but not least, both handheld and desktop vaporizers have benefits to offer, even though they essentially do the same job. When it comes to handheld vapes, some benefits to consider are the fact that they are incredibly portable, they are easy to conceal, and they are very easy to use.

When it comes to desktops vapes, some of the benefits include having a much more enjoyable experience by getting to customize it, having a better and more consistent flow through your session because you are making use of electricity, and they are also very easy to use.

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