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How to use a Dry Herb Vaporizer


Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay

Are you new to the cannabis industry and want to know what a dry herb vaporizer is and how it works? Are you looking for an alternative to smoking weed and think a dry herb vaporizer will be your best option but font know how to use one?

Over the years, marijuana consumption habits have changed quite drastically. The legalization of marijuana for recreational use has slowly been making its way around the world and it has opened people’s eyes as to just how great marijuana can be. Innovation is everything in this industry and this is evident in all of the new products that are constantly rolling out.

Dry herb vaporizers are now one of the most popular products for people to make use of because of how convenient and easy they are to use, but also because of how much healthier they are. If you are thinking about buying your very own dry herb vaporizer, take a look here — the Mighty Vape sold by MagicVaporizers is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a top-quality device. It is super easy to use and will provide you the best vaping experience.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

Most people these days, know exactly what a vaporizer is and how they work. However, there is a new kind of vaporizer on the market designed specifically for the consumption of marijuana. While there are already vaping products on the market that allow you to consume a marijuana concentrate, the dry herb vaporizer is a newer introduction that allows users to vape their actual marijuana plant instead of smoking it and having to deal with the harmful risks that come along with it.

Dry herb vaporizers are so much more convenient than smoking a joint because there are discreet and portable and incredibly easy to just slip into your pocket. Many people are choosing this over smoking because it gives the same effect without too much damage. They also have a lot more control and allow you to specify your experience.

Desktop or Portable?

As someone who is new to the market, you may think that there is only one type of dry herb vaporizer, and it is very easy to make this mistake. However, as this product has become more and more popular, different varieties are becoming available to customers.

Currently, there are three different types of dry herb vaporizers; the desktop vaporizer, the vape pen, and the portable vaporizer. While all of these vaporizers essentially do the same thing, choosing the right one is all about personal preference.

A desktop vaporizer isn’t portable and plugs directly into a wall outlet. This means that is has a more consistent flow of power. The vape pen is the simplest of the dry herb vaporizers and just has a button to turn it on and off and there is no temperature control setting. It is also incredibly easy to slip in your pocket and go too. Last but not least is the portable vape, which is exactly what is sounds like. Similar to vape pens in that they are easy to move around and use on the go, however, they are slightly more advanced with temperature control settings for a specialized experience.

Is this any different from joints?

One of the main concerns that people have when it comes to vaping weed instead of smoking is that the effects will be different. However, this is not the case. While you may be inhaling vapor instead of smoke, the effect that it has are quite similar to that of smoking.

You will feel the high just as quickly as you would when smoking and you will have a very similar kind of high. A great part about dry herb vaporizers is the fact that you can control the temperature and have a more personalized experience though.

What are the components?

A dry herb vaporizer is made up of a few key components. First, you have the body which houses all of the other components. Moving on you have the chamber which is where the marijuana is placed, and in this chamber, you will either have convection or conduction heating depending on what kind of product you have.

With the portable dry herb vaporizers, you will have a battery and with desktop vapes, you will have a plug to plug it into an outlet. And lastly, you have the mouthpiece from which the vapor vapor is inhaled.

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