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Companies That Accept Bitcoin


A 2020 survey by HSB found that 36% of US SMEs accept Bitcoin.

The presence of a bitcoin merchant account indicates a trader’s solidity.

Below is a list of the most popular firms in the world that accept this cryptocurrency. In particular, it is immediately worth noting there such well-known companies as Wikipedia, Microsoft, AT&T.

Or look for partners through search engines.

Large firms that accept bitcoins

1. Wikipedia. Cryptocurrency can be used to fund your account.

2. AT&T. American mobile operator offering the ability to accept Bitcoins for payment.

3. Burger King. According to news reports, Burger King stores have partnered with Cryptobuyer, accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option. You can pay not only in bitcoins, but also in many other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins are also accepted on the website and mobile application, but you cannot pay with them for purchases in a regular store.

4. Overstock. A well-known store in America that sells expensive goods at a great discount.

5. Subway. At least earlier, bitcoins were accepted.

6. Twitch. The leading video game review platform. Accepts bitcoins, temporarily suspended in March 2019, but resumed in June.

7. Pizza Hut. Since November 2020, you can buy delicious food with Bitcoin.

8. Miami Dolphins. At least, at the time of this review, he plans to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

9. Dallas Mavericks. They accept bitcoins as payment for games, goods, tickets.

10. Virgin Galactic. Real travel in space for cryptocurrency!

11. Norwegian Air. The third largest budget European airline, is planning cryptocurrency payment options.

12. Namecheap. From the main owners of domain names.

13. CheapAir. Travel agency. First, it accepted bitcoins with Coinbase, later through BTCPayServer.

14. Gyft. Buy and send gift cards online, pay with bitcoins.

15. NewEgg. Online store of goods, became one of the first to accept payment in bitcoins.

16. The Internet Archive. A digital library in San Francisco that aims to make knowledge publicly available on the Internet. Accepts payments in bitcoins.

17. The Pirate Bay. Offers a wide variety of entertainment media and programs. Bitcoins have been accepted since 2013 as a donation.

18. 4Chan is a site with images posted anonymously. Bitcoins are accepted as donations.

19. is a famous file hosting service from Kim Dotcom. Accepts bitcoins for high account levels.

20. Amazon is a well-known online store with a lot of high quality products. Unfortunately, it does not directly accept bitcoins, but you can use to make purchases on the site and pay with them.

21. ExpressVPN is one of the best virtual services for anonymous Internet browsing. You can pay for the subscription with bitcoins.

22. Benfica is a popular sports club. Located in Portugal, Lisbon. Bitcoins are accepted for goods, game tickets.


In addition to the aforementioned large firms, there are quite a few small and medium-sized companies that also accept bitcoins.

1. Alza is the largest online store in the Czech Republic.

2. Alternative Airlines is an air travel company that offers cryptocurrency payments.

3. Bitcoin.Travel is a website for travelers that accepts payments in bitcoins.

4. Pembury Tavern is an English pub in London.

5. Old Fitzroy is an Australian pub.

6. The Pink Cow is a diner in the capital of Japan.

7. Zynga is a service dedicated to mobile games.

8. EZTV is a torrent TV provider.

9. Lumfile is a free cloud file server, which pays for better services.

10. – You can pay for one of the best pizza with Bitcoins.

11. – and wash down pizza with delicious coffee for bitcoins too!

12. Grass Hill Alpacas is a farm in Massachusetts.

13. Jeffersons Store is a branded streetwear store.

14. Helen’s Pizza – here you can buy pizza for bitcoins.

15. A Class Limousine – Pay with Bitcoin for a pleasant ride to the airport!

16. – SEO optimization for your website for a modest payment in bitcoins!

17. – buy all your favorite things in one place with bitcoins!

18. is a site with games from free developers.

19. – games for the computer, Macintosh and smartphones.

20. is an online newspaper based in Chicago.

21. San Jose Earthquakes is a professional soccer team from California.

22. is the best way to consolidate your loved ones’ investments.

23. Lumfile is a bundle of free cloud services.

24. Museum of the Coastal Bend is a famous museum in Texas, USA.

25. Fight for the Future is a leading organization in Internet freedom.

26. i-Pmart – Malaysian online electronics supplier, now accepts bitcoins too.

27. is a chain of 12 restaurants that fully accepts bitcoins.

28. ShopJoy is a seller from Australia who sells unique items.

29. – Services with best internet speed.

30. is a profitable online store where everyone can offer their products.

31. Badoo is an online dating service.

32. WebJet is an online travel agency.

33. Save the Children is a global organization concerned with this issue.

34. Foodler is a North American restaurant delivery service.

35. Amagi Metals is a service for buying and selling coins.

Attention! The list above may not be completely complete and relevant, because companies periodically change the terms of cooperation. It is needed only for approximate orientation. You need to check the information yourself.


Can Bitcoin be exchanged for cash?

Yes, there are many ways to do this both at ATMs and online exchangers.

Does Amazon now accept bitcoins?

Directly – no, but there are legal ways to use them.

Does Microsoft accept them?

Yes, under current terms of service.

And Starbucks?

No, it doesn’t.

Do hotels accept bitcoins?

No, most of the time not; not so long ago, but it stopped in July 2018.

What can you buy with bitcoins?

Almost everything is via a debit card – most of variants: Visa, Mastercard, etc.

Does Expedia accept Bitcoin?

Has not accepted since 2018.

Does eBay now accept bitcoin?



Although not many firms accept Bitcoin directly, it is clear that the number is continually increasing. Do you know any other companies that accept bitcoins? Write about it!

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