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GIFTY: Social Commerce is now Mainstream Commerce!


From big brands to small businesses leveraging social media platforms to drive more sales. Every business needs to have an active presence online with more conversation going on on WhatsApp. Social commerce vendors usually get frustrated because they respond to different customers, asking the same questions across different platforms.

It could take up to 45 minutes for a potential customer to finally make a buying decision, which causes some orders to be sent the next day.

Bridging the gap between sales channels and social media vendors and reducing the cost to set up independent online stores for sales; We are narrowing the divide at GIFTY by providing online shops to vendors within five minutes from start to finish.

Vendors can have a storefront with their unique (brand name) link to instantly receive orders from anywhere in the world into their WhatsApp.

There are no limitations for vendors who abide by our terms of use and policies on GIFTY; location/product/service or WhatsApp type (personal/business) cannot be barriers for vendors to increase growth in sales. Vendors instantly receive a well curated customer order summary on their WhatsApp (product details, total amount, customer details and delivery address) as a single message.

GIFTY has a “Free Forever” plan that offers the best starter pack for vendors to launch a storefront in minutes and have custom shop links for their social media bios and/or posts.

“Progressively we have more features to launch on our roadmap that would enable social commerce vendors to understand consumer/shopper buying habits and easily access embedded financial products” – Akpan, Victor D. (Co-founder, GIFTY – Digital Shop Maker)

“Working with both tech savvy and non-tech savvy merchants/vendors; and offline walk-in shop owners have helped us further tailor our platform to suit their needs, especially seamless sales conversation experience that helps build trust with customers. We also plan to collaborate with some vendors actively using our platform to boost customer acquisition.”

You’re five minutes away from setting up your FREE online storefront here and follow us on social media platforms @joingifty to stay updated.

Furthermore, invite other vendors to use GIFTY today.

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