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How Digital Adoption Aids Your Customer Enablement Program


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Digital adoption simply refers to the implementation, integration, and adoption of new technologies by organizations and how they use those technologies to add more value to the organization and improve customer experience. Digital adoption transcends ordinary technology adoption or software implementation; it focuses on how the organization can maximize the value of software through effective onboarding and training.

The relevance of any business in the global market today is how customer-centric the business is; customers have started dictating the tune. They have options they can revert to if they don’t derive maximum satisfaction from your product or service; how you go about customer enablement has become vital to the success of your business.

The focus is gradually shifting to a zero-touch and self-service relationship between customers and the organization; digital adoption will play a very vital role in ensuring that you deliver the information your customers need at every moment, enabling them to use your software successfully for product onboarding and training with minimal or no input from customer service, sales, and marketing teams.

Where you find it challenging to integrate the relevant tools that will enhance customer enablement, you can leverage the services of a customer enablement platform.

What is a customer enablement platform?


A customer enablement platform is an outfit that specializes in the delivery of information your customers need every time to use your organization’s software successfully. This knowledge base software can be in the form of content, video, demos, or webinars.

A customer enablement platform leverages digital adoption to essentially help your organization drive product engagement, promote knowledge sharing, and enable a zero-touch self-service relationship between your company and the customers. Your customers want a reduction in trial time, onboarding, and support ticket; a customer enablement platform will ensure that you empower your customers with the relevant know-how to successfully engage with your products.

A good customer enablement platform knows the importance of digital adoption in business processes; it, therefore, combines the multiple categories of tools your organization uses to enhance customer experience into a process-built platform for software enablement. Your customer enablement platform should enable your customers to perform these six vital tasks in a go:

1. Create information

The short form, a 2-3 minute long browser recording, and the long-form, an hour-long Zoom recording, demos, or webinars, are two basic ways to share information. A customer enablement platform will provide your organization with the means to create brilliant short-form videos and ingest and enrich long-form recordings to deliver a single source of knowledge for your customers.

Your technical staff can also leverage a purpose-built lightweight editor to produce new “real” content without relying on marketing content.

2. Organize information

The video information many organizations use today is spread over various platforms such as Google Drive, YouTube, and Zoom Cloud Recordings through LMS solutions. An overriding need for your company is to organize the information in these videos and make them accessible to your customers.

Your customer enablement platform can deploy Smart Video Platform technology to accomplish information organization by providing answers and classification such as which application and location inside the app, and what the topic discussed in the video as distilled from the transcript automatically generated by our platform for each video in the system.

3. Multiple means to publish

Your customer enablement platform should provide you with various means to publish and share your video content to enable you to deliver information to your customers when, where, and how they need it. Your video content must also be in the proper context.

An example of means where you can publish and share your video content is in-context videos that will enable you to deliver videos in context while the customer uses the underlying software product.

4. Discover with digital adoption

With digital adoption, your customer enablement platform will have a contextual library; this will enable you to access content recommendations that are based on app location and the ability to search using natural language. You need practical videos of customers who share their experiences from the use of specific product features for unique workflows and adding context around each solution.

5. View

The video player your customer enablement platform designs for your organization should provide maximal know-how at minimal effort, enable customers to assimilate the real-time information, and perform it directly on the relevant software. Netflix is an example of an organization that has optimized its player for the best lean-back experience; your video player should Guidde’s player continuously improve towards real-time and actionable know-how.

Your customer should be able to quickly access the relevant application and perform the necessary workflow.

6. Analytics

It’s the era of big data; relevance in the business world depends largely on the data you have and how to analyze the data for actionable insights. Digital adoption solutions like user analytics help to dramatically boost software onboarding and training and track and analyze customers’ feedback in real-time, with engagement metrics and insights on the key trends.

You will have the ability for the relevant integration to send personalized emails through Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Outreach, and Hubspot; communicate with your customers in Slack; resolve support tickets by leveraging Zendesk, and score the leads and contents in the CRM with Salesforce and Hubspot.


Customer onboarding and training are recurrent indices in the customer life-cycle; any time you want to launch a new product into the market, you need to onboard and train customers about the features of the new product.

The customer enablement platform eases the stress on sales, marketing, and customer service teams; digital adoption solutions help the customer enablement platform to boost software onboarding and training in real-time through the use of tracking and analytics.

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