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How to Control the Volume on Your Android Phone Without Buttons

by Roveen

Are you having difficulty using the volume buttons on your Android device, perhaps because they are broken?

Well, worry no more because we have some quick and easy fixes that you can use to control the volume buttons on your android phone if the buttons have stopped working.

Using Settings

The first trick is using Settings. Simply swipe down from the top of your phone screen and then tap the gear icon. Alternatively, if you can’t find the gear icon there, go to the Settings app.

Then, go to Sound & Vibration. On Samsung, you will see a Volume option. On other Android devices, you will simply see the volume controls. There will be options for Media, which you use for audio, videos. Other options will include volume sliders for alarms, notifications and calls. You can adjust the volume on each as you desire.

Using a Sound Widget

Alternatively, instead of using the long process of going to Settings, you can use a sound widget that allows you to access the volume sliders easily.

Simply long press the home screen, select Widgets option. Go to the Widget panel, scroll down to the Settings option and then long press the Settings shortcut and add it to the home screen.

Once added, then you get the option to add a shortcut you want to add to that widget. So, scroll down on the settings page and select the Sound and Vibration option. Now each time you click on that shortcut, you will be taken straight to Sound and Vibration.

Use Voice Assistant

All Android devices these days come pre-installed with Google Assistant which you can ask to perform various tasks on the phone, including changing your volume level.

So, enable the Google Assistant feature (or Bixby on Samsung phones) and then wake the assistant by saying ‘Hey Google’ (or Hey Bixby) and request the command.

There you have it, three simple steps to changing your volume levels without the volume buttons. You can find additional options here. Don’t get stuck with loud or low volume if your buttons aren’t working when you have options.

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