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How to Free Yourself from Quicksand

by Roveen

Are you an adventurer?  If you like to explore the world around you, there is no doubt that you have many worries about the wild. One of the major worries is getting trapped in quicksand.

Now quicksand is often depicted in movies as this very dangerous murky death trap that sucks you inside within seconds but as with the depiction of everything in movies, this is highly exaggerated. Chances of you being sucked wholly into quicksand and dying that way are slim. However, it can be a trap that can cause you major discomfort and if you don’t free yourself quick enough, you could die from other causes, like hypothermia or dehydration.

Here are some hacks on how to free yourself from the quicksand.

Hack 1

The first hack is freeing your leg once at a time. Once your legs are trapped in quick sand, you should know that it will be hard for your torso to follow through. Why? Because the air in your lungs ensures your body does not sink. Also the quicksand is denser than your body so it’s hard to sink deep into it.

Wiggle one leg in a circular motion to create small pockets in which water will trickle down into. This loosens the sand around your leg, allowing you to free your leg. With one leg free, kneel on the quicksand. This allows you to distribute the weight on the quicksand surface thus, making it hard to sink. Repeat the same motion with the other leg and there, you are free. Walk on your knees away from the sand.

Hack 2

If you are deep to your knees in quicksand, sit down and lean back, so that you are laying horizontally on the quicksand surface. This way, you remove the pressure that your feet create when they sink, allowing them to float to the surface. Once the feet are free, roll to the side to completely free yourself.

More hacks can be found here but remember, when stuck in quicksand, it is best not to panic and don’t make frantic movements as those will only make the situation worse. More importantly, know how to spot quicksand from afar so that you avoid it.

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