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How to Improve Your YouTube Video Recommendations

by Roveen

If you are a heavy YouTube user, then chances are high that at some point, you have gotten tired of the recommendations that you are getting.

As an endless pool of education and entertainment, there is no doubt that there is a lot of content that is meant just for you – and a lot that isn’t meant for you.

How then do you go about curating your recommendation list to ensure that you are seeing things you would like to see?

Here are some tips:

Watch a Lot More of What You Like

I know this sounds as obvious as it gets, but it is very important that you continuously watch an engage with the videos that you truly like.

Watching and hitting the like button is a great way to ensure that your YouTube Algorithm learns that you liked that video and would love to see more, either from the same creator or similar topics and themes.

Speaking of creators, also ensure you subscribe to your favorite YouTubers so that you get more videos from the creator. This way, you will also get many recommendations of similar content.

Clean up Your History

Sometimes, simply linking new content might not be enough thus, you might want to remove videos from your watch history.

However, this can often be a very tedious task and will often leave you with nothing and needing you to start a fresh, but if you absolutely want to get rid of bad recommendations, this is probably the most effective way to then curate your YouTube recommendation to your liking.

Watch Videos You Don’t like in Incognito Mode

We are very curious creatures so, sometimes, you won’t always watch videos that you like. Sometimes, you might simply watch a video from a creator you don’t like out of morbid curiosity.

So, if you do not want your hate watch to ruin your YouTube recommendation, watch these videos on Incognito mode on your browser.


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