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If Still, you’re Not Taking Cybersecurity Seriously here’s Latest Infographic on Why you Should

by Felix Omondi

After the Cold War, heavyweight nations (highly industrialized, developed, and big military muscles) have been avoiding a repeat of actual physical wars. Especially wars that pit two heavyweight nations like the U.S., China, and Russia against each other. Sure, you may get the U.S. fighting a little nation like Iraq or Afghanistan, or Russia invading its former Soviet Union member states. But these big nations try to steer clear situations that will lead to head-to-head combat with another heavyweight nation.

So does that mean the world has left major wars like the WWI and WWII behind? Well, yes and no. Yes, in the sense that these big nations would avoid provoking each other into actual physical wars. No, each of the big nations, including small ones like Israel and North Korea are actively arming their cyber arsenals. They are spying on each other, conducting cyber espionage and sabotaging each other via ones and zeros.

Again to the question, has planet Earth left wars in the past. Well, there are numerous cyber wars going on, which could ultimately culminate in WWIII, an all-out systems hack, and sabotage by soldiers behind keyboards. Like with any wars, it doesn’t discriminate between civilians and soldiers. These solders, actually the appropriate name for them would be hackers, are targetting both governments and civilians installations.

The rise of North Korea to hacking stardom and the role African countries play

That is to say that even you, a big multinational private company, a small village business, or a private individual are a target. To show you just how much damage these hackers can do, especially if you are not taking cybersecurity seriously, check the infographic [courtesy of] below:


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