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No-Code App Builders: Create Your Dream App in a Couple of Clicks


Whether you are an experienced coder or a self-taught ambitious beginner, making your very own mobile app sounds like a highly promising endeavor. Android and iOS both have vast audiences, potentially attracting thousands and thousands of customers. Yet, your next pet project is more likely than not to turn out frustratingly challenging unless you are well prepared and relying on a tight-knit team of professionals. Fortunately, you can delegate much of the work to an app builder like Flipabit.

What It Takes to Build an App

Making a mobile application might sound like a piece of cake. In truth, however, the process encompasses a wide range of stages equally critical to the end result, from market research to development to quality assurance. To work out a uniform approach to all these tasks is in itself a challenge.

How long it takes is probably the most common question when it comes to mobile applications. Although it’s hard to provide a definitive answer to this, the lowest end of the spectrum sits near 3 months. More realistic forecasts normally start at 6 to 9 months. The range is even wider when it comes to the financial cost of creating a mobile application from scratch. Luckily, application builders can lift a lot of weight off your shoulders.

How App Builders Work

The term “app builder” refers to development tools that simplify the creation of applications. Such resources typically require little to no coding skills, which means absolutely anyone can make their app dream come true. It also eliminates the need for a full-blown professional team and most of the managerial work. Using feature-based building blocks enables you to effectively bypass the lengthy app developing process.

Choosing the Perfect App Builder

When looking for the app builder to help you implement your most daring ambitions, it’s important that you are aware of important criteria which you should take into account. These include the following:

  • Pricing. This is probably the most obvious aspect, which doesn’t make it less important. After all, being able to fit into your budget is no less essential than making the right product. Worth mentioning that using apps like Flipabit App Builder is free.
  • The amount of coding you have to do. Zero code options are usually preferable, but No-Code App Builder requires no coding skills at all.
  • How much flexibility templates allow for. Even if you can’t afford the time it takes to build the whole app from the ground up, you’ll most likely want to stay in control.
  • What platforms you’ll be able to cater for using this or that app builder. The choice depends entirely on your objectives and target audience. Generally, the more options you have, the better.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Have you ever had a mobile app idea that was ingenious yet so difficult it felt daunting? It’s high time that you hurried up and made it come true using a customizable app builder. You’re very welcome to share your plans and seek support in the comments down below.

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