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Now Google Maps can tell you the Best Time of the Day to Travel to a Destination

by Felix Omondi
google maps

Right now the Google Maps on your smartphone can tell you the best route to reach your destination as fast as possible. A useful feature especially if you are not familiar with the roads in a new region.

Well, the search engine giant has added another killer feature on the Google Maps that will make your navigation experience richer. Now, the app can tell you what time of the day is best to travel to a specified destination; subject to traffic congestion among other road considerations.

The feature is already live for users Google Maps users on Android devices. As it works out, you search for your destination as you normally do when getting direction. Then Google will show you an information graph with predictions on the best time of the day to travel to that particular destination.

The feature, however, does not give you precise information in terms of how much time you will save on the road by leaving for the destination at a particular time. Nonetheless, the feature will give users a rough idea of when it is best to travel to a certain location, which is better than having no prior information at all.

This feature could be useful when you are making plans to travel to a certain location, but might not prove to be as useful if you have to meet someone at a particular time. Unless of course, you’re planning to travel to the destination way earlier to avoid those time Google Maps tells you is bad for traveling.

This new feature comes hot on the heels of another new feature Google introduces on the app that let users know how fast they are moving. However, the speed limit feature is only available to users in San Francisco Bay Area in the United States and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

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