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Top 12 Xbox Game Pass Games


Photo by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash

What is Game Pass? It’s like Netflix or the most reliable blackjack mobile platform with dozens of options from the video game world. You buy a subscription, and Microsoft offers you over 500 games that you can run and pass. Here are the best Xbox Game Pass games.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This is a collection of six games in the Halo series, updated to play on today’s PC and Xbox consoles. You’ll learn who the legendary Master Chief is and how his story began 20 years ago.

Slay the Spire

A card game with elements of the roguelike genre also made it to our top games. You have to climb to the top of the Spire, collecting various cards and fighting with your opponents. Beware: the game is addictive!


A horror game with an unusual plot twist. Instead of running from a monster, you will have to become a monster! Eat miserable humans and spread panic in this fun game that takes literally an evening to complete.

Among Us

This is a variation of Mafia. Before the game starts, participants are given the roles of survivors and assassins. The survivors’ job is to restore power to the ship or base and the assassins’ job is to gain the team’s trust and kill everyone. Play best with a microphone, because the essence of Among Us is to discuss the situation.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris is almost 40 years old, but the game can still amaze. In Tetris Effect you will enjoy an unusual musical adventure where the movement of blocks is synchronized with beautiful effects. And there’s multiplayer in the game!


Minecraft is a survival simulator in which you can build anything from small shacks to Notre Dame. It’s a unique project that fascinates both adults and children.

Stardew Valley

Pixel-art lifestyle simulator is another hero of the top game pass games. The hero gets tired of the routine in the office and moves to a small town where a relative left him a house with seedbeds. Players must keep an eye on the crops, meet people, have relationships (you can even get married) and explore the neighborhood.

Age of Empires

The triumphant return of the legendary strategy game. Build a base, mine lumber, ore, and other resources, and fight. The game has an excellent single-player campaign, for which the authors have filmed many “live” videos with the reconstruction of real historical battles. You can learn history with your child!

Rare Replay

This is a collection of 30 games from the legendary Rare studio. There’s the iconic Battletoads frogs, the shooter Perfect Dark, and the platformer Banjo-Kazooie, which was a hit of the Nintendo 64 era. If you’re a fan of classics and retro, there’s no way you can go past it.


A game where you have to put items into different places after the main character has moved. The feature is that with the help of the items that are taken out of the box, the developers tell a story. How a person’s hobbies changed, what happened to them during their life.

Doom and Doom Eternal

A dylogy of the adventures of Doomguy, a man born for one purpose – to kill the demons that crawl from hell into our world. A first-person shooter with chiseling music and fast-paced gameplay.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

A collection of three Mass Effect titles. You are Captain Shepard, a human and a soldier of the Alliance. One day the hero learns that all the races living in the galaxy are threatened by the total annihilation of the Reapers. Shepard and his team do everything to resist the reaping monsters.

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