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The Biggest Mobile Game Development Trends of 2023


There is no doubt that the mobile game market is establishing so fast and turning into one of the most enticing and helpful industries. In short, the market has exceeded every standard, whether technically or commercially.

You can quickly anticipate the future possibilities of mobile game development as there are over 3 billion online players worldwide. So, it’s simple to expect that the future of mobile video gaming will be innovative and intense enough. Moreover, mobile game development companies, like SolidBash, can create custom-made games that cater to individual users’ specific preferences and requirements.

Learning about the game advancement patterns associated with constructing an innovative and real-time strategy video game will assist you enhance your know-how and ability level to much better handle the threats and problems in the video gaming industry. You can comprehend the requirements and behaviors of your prospective video game users.

Prior to we go over the mobile game development trends of 2023, you should keep your eyes on some essential analytical data concerning this gaming market. Let’s dive in!

Major Mobile Game Development Trends to Follow in 2023

If mobile game development is something you want to invest in, you need to follow the current trends regarding the same. Here is an insight into the most possible mobile game development patterns of 2023:

Mobile Cloud Gaming

Mobile cloud video gaming or GaaS (Gaming as a Service) assists us discover the very best lifestyles. Membership models affect and encourage a designer more. After all, they can rapidly connect some payment methods with players’ strength.

If users desire to construct some strength, like including a gamer or players with weapons like Fortnight, Candy Crush, PUBG, etc, so the players can smartly and rapidly perform.

Undoubtedly, designers make flawlessly when their users or clients turn on their PCs, laptop computers, mobile devices, and so on, to check out remote servers to play cloud video games without hardware help.

eSports are on the Rise

eSports is not a new pattern. It has actually been a popular trend for years in the mobile gaming industry. You can consider it a competitive game for professional gamers and video gaming lovers.

Many people in the world follow and watch such video games by directly watching them on TV or various live occasions or exploring web resources. Live streaming services help users see their preferred games and play them in real-time.

It was approximated that the worldwide eSports market’s worth was more than $1 billion by the end of 2021, which was a practically 50% hike from 2020. Moreover, you can expect it to increase by over $2 billion in 2022. We can expect to see eSports as a popular and continuous game development pattern in the coming years.

Increased Gaming Socialization

The increased use of social networks has made mobile video games more interactive. Throughout the pandemic, the seclusion and constant quest for interactivity have made mobile games a social location of activity.

Facebook states that 38% of new players in the USA like to talk while playing video games, and lots of are starting to like online modes or multiplayer more than single player video games.

Game developers are reaping the benefits of adding functions like guilds, social networks connection, chatroom, and so forth. The increase in social media use and gamers is the primary factor behind the socializing of gaming. Marketers can likewise use the socialization of gaming by offering rewards through the current social features.

Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming

Cross-platform video gaming is another trend that will form the video gaming ecosystem in 2023. You can play cross-platform video games utilizing consoles and numerous systems. The primary reasons players could not play across platforms were a lack of funds and technology. However, in 2021, gamers have actually experienced cross-platform video gaming in real life utilizing video game codes.

Developers wish to construct games and make them offered on multiple platforms like desktops, laptop computers, mobile, and tablets. And these applications utilize cross-platform innovation, so users can rapidly find them.

Wearable Technology

Wearables are electronic devices that feature sensors helpful for evaluating, recognizing, and sharing information with users in real-time. Fitness rings, wristbands, and smartwatches are some of the basic wearable devices that utilize wearable innovation.

Wearables are normally related to health and wellness, and they are rapidly establishing in the gaming market as well. You can utilize a data-tracking wearable device to track the gaming sessions attended by players. It assists boost the gamers’ gaming experience by using and assessing this information.

Apart from utilizing wearables for keeping records of everything from checking, analyzing, and supervising gamers’ efficiency in real-time, you can use them to increase the streaming quality by utilizing different microphones that boost the whole gaming experience for game enthusiasts globally.

Gaming with Augmented Reality

You can think about AR or augmented reality gaming as a method of combining video game visuals and audio material, allowing users to view and explore the video game and its content and visuals in real-time. Unlike VR video gaming, AR gaming makes use of today environment to build a playing field.

You don’t actually need specialized headsets in AR systems. Users can see, access, and play increased reality games on devices like tablets, mobile phones, and other portable gaming systems.

One of the most sophisticated examples of AR gaming apps that features GPS, a mobile phone electronic camera, a clock, and a gyroscope is Pokémon Go. It promotes a location-based AR environment.

Hyper-Casuals Will Take the Lead

According to Sensor Tower’s Industry Trend Report, hyper-casual video games ruled the computer game landscape in 2020. The easy-to-play hyper-casual video games allow gamers to relax and have a good time without magnifying their intelligence.

BusinessWire anticipates that the around the world online video gaming market will develop at a CAGR of 11.9% by 2026. Thus, this market forecast and evaluation provoke the extreme development of the hyper-casual video game sector by 2026.

Some well-known examples like Candy Crush, Beast Strike, and Coin Master can quickly end up being difficult competition for the video games used PCs or consoles. For this reason, these easy-to-play video games don’t need any specific abilities; so, you can anticipate them to end up being more popular in 2023.

The Ascension of VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming

VR (Virtual Reality) provides an extremely mesmerizing experience to gamers. VR headsets help gamers connect with objects in an enclosed space. VR headsets are presently costly, tech progress will reduce their costs and make them pocket-friendly for casual and routine game fans. We can also expect that graphics and VR games’ total quality will also improve with time.

The future of virtual reality video games looks amazing, when tech biggies like Intel, Google, Sony, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Samsung, Nokia Siemens, and Qualcomm have already begun with the same. The international profits from the sale of VR accessories, HMDs, and content displays that VR will highly impact mobile video games in the approaching days.

Multiplayer Functionalities

Mobile video games are more available than making use of video gaming consoles. Many people can access them and will have the ability to access more in 2023. The portable smart device devices and the different video games they offer make mobile video games an extensive, multiplayer function.

Recently, we experienced an enormous trend of multiplayer games. Since eSports have become an around the world marvel and video games like PUBG Mobile have ended up being more popular, multiplayer games will end up being a potent pattern in 2023.

Mobile games are developed for several purposes, consisting of psychological beverage, relaxation, and enhancing relationships and connections. Everybody wants to have a good time while playing online games with their family and friends. For this reason, they look for multiplayer video games.

Multiplayer games allow people to connect with other gamers online and sign up with in-game events by group structure. Furthermore, these video games have actually ended up being more popular with the increase of social media. Considering that great deals of users share one platform all at once, mobile games end up being the most essential thing they wish to explore.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse has actually become one of the current trends; nevertheless, it’s still not clear what it will look like for the mobile video gaming market. This year, the mobile video gaming will be attached with the Metaverse, developing more robust in-game experience. For instance: Fortnite Concerts.

Different brand names like Nikeland in Roblox will also construct their gaming worlds. Startups are likewise planning to support the Metaverse infrastructure by providing their users the resources to develop the Metaverse, like building realistic avatars. In short, the Metaverse will be more accessible in 2023 and the very best area to enjoy.

Artificial Intelligence in Gaming

Undoubtedly, AI models offer better gaming experiences. AI in game development could identify whether your video game will be a success or failure. We have currently discussed that popular innovations like AR and VR are becoming more popular. And the integrated strength of AR, VR, and AI will change the video gaming industry permanently.

AI assists designers develop more amazing video games. NPCs can also explore this AI-powered knowing to transform their responses, which makes mobile video games harder.

NFTs and Blockchain based Games

Blockchain and NFTs are becoming necessary in the mobile gaming industry. People utilize these non-fungible tokens for tokenizing genuine estate, music, art work, and so on.

Hence, individuals can utilize NFTs to tokenize video game characters. They can be utilized for tokenizing trading cards in card games. Also, many well-known Metaverse games are NFT games. The market for NFTs and blockchain games is emerging quickly.

According to reports, the number of crypto wallets associated with video gaming increased from 29,563 at the starting of 2021 to 754,000 in Q3-2021. These reports also specify that blockchain games produced incomes of $2.3 billion in Q3-2021.

The Future of Mobile Game Development

In 2023, we anticipate the most significant game development trends to increase more quickly than in previous years. As currently pointed out before, enhanced reality or virtual reality will continuously emerge in the mobile gaming industry. Moreover, these innovations will greatly affect the future of mobile game development.

A study performed in 2021 states that the around the world gaming market is forecasted to reach $218.7 billion by 2024, establishing at a consistent rate of 8.7% annual. Hence, we can expect that the number of video game lovers will likewise increase in the forthcoming years.


What are the tools and platforms used for mobile game development?

There are different kinds of tools and platforms used by mobile game designers to establish 2D and 3D mobile video games like Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Buildbox, Godot, Cocos2D, etc.

How do mobile video games generate income?

Mobile games earn money in a variety of ways, including freemium, advertising, membership, making the video game premium, and so on.

Just how much does it cost to develop a mobile game?

The expense to establish a mobile game depends on a number of factors, like the preferred platform, complexity of style, the features and functionalities consisted of, place of developers, development innovations, and the size of the video game.

If you wish to construct a mobile game with all the advanced graphics and high-complexity features and performances with numerous platform assistance, it might cost you more. The price will reduce if you have fewer needs.

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