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True Wireless Charger that Charges your devices at a Distance approved by FCC

by Felix Omondi
WattUp Mid Field transmitter Energous Corporation

Wireless charging is great, it entangles you from all the wires and the hassle to having to plug in your device. However, you still have to leave your device at a designated point and in physical contact with the wireless charging station to work.

That still doesn’t cut it for some of us who are addicted to our mobile device. We want to chat for an extended period on our smartphones, or play games, or watch videos uninterruptedly. The current charging option, both wired and wireless will make us go over the charging point and use our device while it still charging; and remain there for the duration it takes to charge.

It would be ideal if we could continue using our device more naturally as the wireless charge charges our devices. Much like how Wi-Fi connects us to the internet without having to be tied down to a specific point like how wired Ethernet required us to do before the advent of Wi-Fi routers technology.

The existing wireless internet (Wi-Fi) offer us great convenience that the form of wireless charging we currently have. With wireless charging, you still need your device to be physically in contact with the charging mat.

Introducing the wireless charging at a distance

Well, one San Jose-based startup Energous has just gotten the FCC green light and certification for its truly wireless charging technology. One that lets you charge your device from a distance of up to 15 feet.

That is right, you can continue charging your mobile device wirelessly from a radius of 15 feet from the wireless charge transmitter. You mobile devices will have a wireless charge receiver that will soak up the electrons to recharge your battery.

How the system works

Dubbed the WattUp Mid Field transmitter, this system converts electricity into radio waves. Then transmits it as a beam to your mobile device, which is fitted with a compatible receiver. The system can also charge three devices at the same time as long as they are within radius of the beam from the transmitter.

But don’t take my word for it, look at the video below to get the breakdown from CTO and Founder of Energous Corporation in the video below:

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