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uMobix Tracking App: Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone With Full Access to Social Media, Messages


The smartphone revolution brought about enormous social and psychological changes in our society that have no precedent in history. Perhaps one of the defining areas it changed is parenting and kids’ psychology. In a survey by the Pew Research Center, a whopping 66% of the surveyed parent said that parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago, citing technology as one of the main reasons of this change.  But what has technology to do with parenting problems?

 In an age where an average person spends about 4 hours on smartphone, it’s simply impossible for parents to completely ban smartphone usage for their kids. And when you give in to your kids’ demand of access to smartphones, you expose them to the never-ending dangers on the internet lurking in the form of thousands of porn websites, dark web, unreliable strangers, human traffickers, relentless and unchecked dating and other issues directly affecting your children’s lives and their future.

The only way out is to use a good, top-quality cell phone tracker.

uMobix: The Best Smartphone Tracker For Kids in 2021

uMobix is a complete cell phone tracking solution for your kids’ safety. The idea of the app is simple: install the tracker app in a target device which you want to track and access the data and usage of that device from your phone or laptop, anytime, anywhere.

Features of uMobix

uMobix stands out among several other cell phone tracking apps for kids because of its beautiful and simple data visualization. It presents you with a dashboard where you can clearly see data for calls, SMS, social media app usage, location data and much more.

Tracking Calls

To track the call history, simply go to the calls section and you will be able to see the complete record of calls made and received from your target device, including total minutes, recipients contact name and number and related timestamps.

Tracking Messages and Social Media Usage

In the messages section, you can see the numbers your target device contacted, along with each message content, time the message was sent and other important details.

One of the best features of the uMobix app is its social media tracking features. It’s an extremely powerful feature that tracks over 30 of the most popular social media apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Zoom, Line, Tik Tok, Kik and more. This tracking is extremely detailed and provides granular-level data, unlike many smartphone tracking apps that just give an overview without giving much insights to parents.

For example, in order to see what your kid is up to in WhatsApp, just open the WhatsApp section in the dashboard and you will see all the messages sent and received (yes, content of the messages), date, time and related contact names.

I loved the fact that uMobix even shows the emojis exchanged in private messages. Also notice the “type” column showing type of chat (group chat, one-on-one), providing more perspective and context to parents. This shows the level of data and control the app gives to parents and the sound technology that empowers the app’s features.

You can also see the photos in the gallery of your target device. The related dashboard shows a “created” column which shows the time when a photo was received by, created in or shared with your device.

Tracking Browser History in Your Kid’s Smartphone

Another excellent feature of uMobix is the ability to track browsing history. Simply open the related dashboard and you will see the website links your teen is visiting, the number of visits, the time and date they visited the website and much more. Similarly, you can see the bookmarks they are adding while browsing.

Would My Child Know They Are Being Tracked?

Whether you want to inform your kid before installing smartphone tracking app in their device is up to you, frankly. I have seen most kids being OK with their parents accessing their smartphones for transparency and trust. But if you want to hide the app from your kid, uMobix offers complete stealth features. You can remove the icon of the app from Android devices. For iOS devices, the installation process does not include downloading the app on the device, so there won’t be any icon in the menu.

uMobix starts with $14 and costs around $60 for full features. Given the features and control it gives you as a parent and the potential harms it protects your kid against, the app is worth the money.

Before buying, you can play around with the app’s live demo here.




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