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3 Series A Players to Watch Out for This Season


With the Euros 2021 taking place at the time of writing, the world’s attention has turned to football (soccer). With this in mind, let’s shift our focus to the Italian Serie A, which is an event run between the top Italian football teams. This being said, it can be hard to sink deep into Serie A, with Juventus winning the Scudetto every year since 2011/2012. However, some fierce competition is coming their way from the likes of Inter Milan and their fresh manager Andrea Perlo. With the competition heating up, the Italian football teams bring with them a host of fresh players to the field, but who should we be watching out for?

Manuel Locatelli – Sassuolo

This young football star (age 22), has made ripples within the football world and has set a precedent already for team hopping. The midfielder started on the Milan lineup before heading over to Sassuolo during the 2018/19 season, where he signed permanently. The young lad has found increased playtime and landed 4 high-quality assists from a defensive midfield position. Although the man is a powerful defensive midfielder, he is perfectly capable of moving the ball forward. His senior Italy debut was during the Nations League last September against the Netherlands. The rising star played like a pro so will likely be finding himself on the Italian side in no time.

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Dejan Kulusevski – Juventus

Juventus need youth on their side if they plan on keeping their winning streak, which puts Dejan Kulusevski in the perfect position to be placed in the first team. Throughout his time with Parma, he scored 10 goals and bagged 9 assists which proves he is just the man for the job. Although he’s up against fierce competition that involves Cristiano Ronaldo, now is the time for Pirlo to bite the bullet and take a chance on the young rising powerhouse.

Nicolo Barella – Inter Milan

This 23-year-old moved over to Inter on loan from boyhood club Cagliari with an obligation to buy, since then he has made waves and won’t be looking back anytime soon. Nicolo Barella has been chosen for the opening team for a total of 36 Serie A games so far and is a competent midfielder. In 2011/12 he was awarded best Italian player for those born in 1977. Throughout those 36 matches, he has scored an admirable 3 goals for a midfielder so young.

Things are changing up within the Italian Serie A competition, with a focus shifting towards fresh talent. Reigning champions Juventus need to inject some young stuff into their team if they want to continue their winning streak. Even the talent of Ronaldo will be challenged by fresh faces and in some cases surpassed. There are plenty more rising Serie A stars out there, but that’s a whole different article.

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