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3 Transformative Automotive Technologies of 2021


These days, people don’t just buy cars because of the brand names, modern drivers want cars with awesome technology features that make driving easier. These technologies enhance driver safety and comfort.

The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to get a vehicle with high-tech features. You can find the latest safety, infotainment, and connectivity features in some affordable car models. Let’s look at some of the technology features that have changed the automotive landscape.

1. Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Many car manufacturers now integrate technology that can quickly react to hazards, lower driver fatigue, and make staying in traffic easier. Some technologies can even park your car for you. Driver-assist systems usually come in packages, like Toyota’s Safety Sense, Subaru’s EyeSight, and Ford’s Co-Pilot360. However, there are some standalone options.

Advanced driver-assist systems include:

  • Reverse brake assist: this feature can stop your car as you’re reversing to prevent an accident.
  • Cross-traffic alert: this lets you know if there’s cross traffic as you back out of a driveway or a parking space.
  • Blind-spot alert: this alerts you if there’s a car in your blind spot.
  • Lane-keep assist: keeps your car in the lane using steering.
  • Lane departure warning: Alerts you when your car is drifting into another lane.
  • Adaptive cruise control: Ensures your vehicle maintains a set speed and doesn’t get too close to other cars.

2. Internet Access

If you only take short drives, a good navigation system and a stereo system may be all you need. But if you often take longer trips, spotty network reception can make you frustrated. Your kids may complain because they are unable to stream a movie and you may be unable to access important messages.

While humans have driven cars without internet connection for hundreds of years, an internet-equipped vehicle can be a lifesaver. For example, you can quickly access title loans if you need money urgently.

Internet-enabled cars have a Wi-Fi hotspot and act just like a home’s wireless network. You’ll have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription, but everyone who gets into your car will be able to stream content without interruption.

3. Exit Warning to Protect Cyclists

If you’ve ever ridden a bicycle in the city, you know how challenging it can be. You always have to be careful about parked cars as much as moving cars. An exit warning helps riders and drivers alike. Its rear-facing sensors detect approaching bicycles and cars and alert drivers. That way, you won’t open the door as a cyclist is riding by.

The system continues to work even after you switch off the engine–for several minutes. If there’s an approaching bicyclist or vehicle, the sensors will alert you with a series of bright lights. Some cars have very advanced exit warning systems that physically lock a door to prevent it from being swung open.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a car with the best technologies, these 3 should be on your list. You’ll be safe and comfortable–and ensure other drivers and passengers are, too.

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