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4 Types of Apps You Need If You Love Hockey


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

As technology evolves, so does our need for it. Nowadays, it’s unthinkable for most of us to leave the house without our smartphone, and the mobile apps it holds are some of the main reasons why.

After all, smartphones currently house most of our lives. From email apps to dating apps and even apps that help us manage everything, our days would be much more disorganized if we didn’t have them.

The same happens with sports fans, who can now easily find up-to-date and accurate information about their favourite teams in the palm of their hand. Technology truly has come a long way since sports fanatics had to find the match results on paper.

If you’re a hockey fan and you want to always know who’s playing, who’s injured, and how your top picks are doing, then you should definitely use these apps:

  1. Sports Streaming Apps

We all know that it doesn’t matter where we are. If our top team is playing, we’ll always try to watch the match one way or another. Before smartphones, ice hockey fans would have to stop by bars or tune in to the radio to know how their team was performing. Nowadays, several mobile apps live stream matches in high definition.

Many sports streaming apps, such as ESPN, are available for iOS and Android devices. The only downside of this particular app is that it’s necessary to have a subscription to the ESPN channel to watch it.

If you prefer an app that allows you to watch live streaming for free, we highly recommend BBC Sport. This app helps you keep up to date with the latest news while also allowing you to watch all the matches you want.

2. Sports Betting Apps

Although live streaming apps are the most sought-after by ice hockey fans, sports betting apps are a close second. Long are the days of physically walking to the bookmaker to place a bet on your team. We believe this is something that Canadians, in particular, sincerely appreciate since their national winter sport is ice hockey, and their winters are too harsh to walk down to the sportsbook to bet on a slip.

Luckily, Ontario recently regulated its sports betting market, so Canadian ice hockey fans can now use one of the several high-quality sports betting apps available.

These apps allow sports enthusiasts to place wagers on their favorite teams and have unique features that make any ice hockey lover jump with excitement.

Sports betting apps often accept in-play betting, something that provides:

  • Up-to-date
  • Live
  • And the thrill of seeing your picked team

So, not only can ice hockey fanatics access more information than they could ever have at a retail sportsbook, but they can also bet from the comfort of their home.

There are plenty of sports betting apps. But, while most offer good coverage of ice hockey, we recommend you d ownload Ontario betting apps such as BetRivers or Unibet. These mobile apps have an extraordinary coverage of this sport and will certainly match what you’re looking for.

2.   News updates & Scores In Real-Time Apps

It doesn’t matter if you love ice hockey or tennis. All sports fans want to keep up with what is going on with their top players, favorite clubs, and the overall competitions.

If you only follow the ice hockey news on TV or through social media, you might miss out on the latest details about players, coaches, or scores.

By using mobile apps for real-time news updates, you can receive a notification whenever something important happens. Better yet, many apps allow you to personalize your settings to select which topics you want to be informed about.

Smartphone apps such as CBS Sports and TheScore provide their users with up-to-date scores, real-time news coverage, live statistics, and notifications of personalized events.

3.   Facts & Statistics Apps

Although most apps we mentioned before may also provide their users with statistics, the quality and content available on specialized apps are impressive.

Statistics are a big part of sports, and although analytics seems to be a well-kept secret within the NHL, some teams are already taking steps to bring analytics to the next level, as is the case of the Edmonton Oilers.

But sports teams and staff aren’t the only ones using statistics apps. Bettors, investors, and sponsors use this information to make crucial decisions.

Mobile apps such as SportsManias and 365Scores provide real-time statistics and numerous other exciting features that keep any ice hockey fan scrolling indefinitely.

Conclusion: Can Sports Apps Help You Know More About Ice Hockey?

If you’re an ice hockey enthusiast, you have probably already gathered an impressive amount of knowledge about the sport, its history, and the key players in today’s competitions.

Nevertheless, as it happens with most aspects of life nowadays, you might benefit from using one of the apps suggested above. Regardless of goals, we’re confident that you’ll find an app that can provide you with all the latest content about your favorite sport.

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