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How to manage everything: Top 5 productivity apps


To avoid being distracted by videos with animals, watching soap operas, and mindless surfing on the Internet, you need not only have an iron will and clear goals. It is also useful to have virtual assistants – applications and extensions that will help you plan your day, find time to relax, and cope with stress.

The first rule in productive studying is to relax. How to do it when you have too much homework? Don’t hesitate to use different devices. For example, you could ask for history homework help.


An app for self-organization. All tasks are organized as a to-do list that you can share with other users. For each task, you can set a due date and a reminder to let you know what you have to do. The app allows you to create a separate themed to-do list, such as to prepare for an exam, an Olympiad, or a task list to improve your grades. Wunderlist is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, here everything is simple: you set a task – perform, check a box and close it.

Platform: iOS, Android.

Cost: free.


This meditation app will help you stay focused and attentive, and tune you in the right frame of mind for studying. Audio exercises in Headspace help you concentrate on important things, get rid of unnecessary thoughts, and cope with stress and anxiety. There are even tips on what to do if you get bored during meditation. In addition to audio, the app also makes use of other formats: video and animation. The developers claim that it is enough to use the application for 10 minutes a day to feel the results.

Platform: iOS, Android.

Cost: free; access to the full library of audio exercises for a paid subscription.

Use this app to select music for work, rest, sleep, or meditation. Neurobiologists are involved in the development and test the effectiveness of the melodies. Such soundtrack helps to better focus on tasks, fall asleep faster, relax, and fight anxiety. The app has special melodies for studying and reading with several options.

Platform: iOS.

Cost: 5 free music sessions, after which you need a subscription.


TickTick is also a handy planner. You can keep a to-do list or turn it into a day planner with tasks for a specific date. For each task TickTick allows you to create a description and a checklist of additional tasks for the main task. For each task you can select the priority of importance, the app will automatically sort the tasks in order of urgency. There is also a special alert to make the tasks appear on the screen. To mark a completed task, you just need to swipe the screen to the right.

Platform: iOS, Android.

Cost: free.

Orrange New Tab

An extension for Google Chrome to organize your start page. With it, you can collect all your tasks, useful contacts, and any other important information in the browser. Everything you need is displayed on a beautiful background, which you choose yourself ☺ The purpose of the extension is to motivate productive work instead of mindless surfing on the Internet.

Cost: free

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