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4K Video Downloader – The Ultimate Videos Download Tool for Offline Viewing

by Felix Omondi

Granted, there has never been a better time for most people to be alive than today. Thanks to ICT, in this current era, we can get a lot done with just a click of a button or swap on our touchscreen devices. However, these ICT infrastructures are not always available; there are places and times when the internet is not accessible.

For instance, you could be traveling, and your cellular network coverage goes missing in some locations. You might also not have access to broadband via a Wi-Fi connection. With the tech world set up to operate in an on-demand way, all of a sudden, you will find yourself unable to enjoy your favorite online services.

Download Video in HD Quality for Offline Viewing

In this instance, we are going to talk about video streaming. Popular video streaming platforms are operating on a model assuming you always have an internet connection. There are few considerations for offline; YouTube Offline.

The majority expect you to have a fast and reliable internet connection. Not forgetting you might have to pay a higher fee for a fast and stable connection to stream the videos in high definition (HD).

While there are many apps and online services out there that allow you to download videos off the internet, only a handful are clean, simple, and not riddled with Ads, cryptojacking trojans, malware, and viruses. One of such apps, checking all the right boxes, has popped up the innov8tiv’s radar.

Introducing the 4K Video Downloader

4K Video downloader is a project by Open Media LLC. An affiliate of the Apple macOS Developer Program has also been third-party authenticated by Symantec™ for Windows code signing.

The video downloader has a friendly and straightforward user interface and is effective enough to grab videos off popular streaming platforms. That includes YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Flickr, Twitch, SoundCloud, TikTok, Tumblr, Likee, Naver TV, and Instagram.

So what sets 4K Video Downloader apart from hundreds of others purporting to provide the same services? Well, consider the following:

1. Free Video Downloader

For one, 4K Video downloader has a free variant used by millions of people to download videos for offline viewing. It wouldn’t be as popular had it not been checking all the right boxes. Some of these boxes are listed below.

2. Download 4K Videos

4K videos offer a richer and more satisfying viewing. Most video streaming platforms avail this experience online. So when you are downloading videos for offline viewing, it is only fair the experience remains the same. On that front, 4K Video downloader – as the name suggests – downloads videos in 4K quality.

3. Download entire YouTube Playlists and Channels

YouTube offers a well-cataloged library of videos, thus allowing you to follow the videos in chronological order. 4K Video downloader ensures this well-cataloged experience is not lost when downloading videos off YouTube. The bespoke video download tool will download the entire playlists and channels off YouTube. The videos can also be in HD and even higher resolution if available.

As far as YouTube videos go, you can download your library in Watch Later, Liked Videos, YouTube Mix, and even private YouTube playlists. You can also automatically download new videos added to your favorite YouTube channels.

4. Extract YouTube Subtitles

While downloading the YouTube videos, 4K Video downloader enables you to download the video’s annotations and subtitles. You can then save the subtitles in over 50 languages in SRT format. You can get the subtitles of the entire channel or playlist library of videos, not just a single video.

5. 360° Videos Download

The downloader allows you to download 360° videos for that richer and all-round virtual reality experience.

6. 3D Video Download

Just because you are not seated in front of your Full-HD smart TV does not mean you will miss out on the 3D video viewing experience. Not at all! This video downloader ensures you can download and view the stereoscopic 3D videos offline on your laptop, smartphone, and tablet—the app downloads 3D videos in various formats, including MP4, FLV, MKV, and 3GP.

7. Proxy Access

The 4K Video downloader has a baked-in feature to bypass all those pesky ISP restrictions. Even if you are using the internet connection in uptight institutions like schools and workplaces with firewalls in place, you can avoid these restrictions using the in-app proxy server.

8. Smart Mode Feature

The app comes with a Smart Mode, where you can tweak the settings and make it apply to all future video downloads—making video downloads a user-friendly affair.

Over To You

The features mentioned above are some of the best 4K video downloader features that popped up on innov8tiv radar. They are by no means exhaustive. Nonetheless, you might want to know the app gives you a one-month free trial period; and you don’t need to register with a credit card to get started. It also has two premium versions; $15 for personal use and $45 for commercial use. More details are available at the 4K Video Downloader website.

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