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9 Tips to Improve The Workplace Productivity Exponentially


Every company aspires to reach new heights of success. Many things play a crucial role in the business’s success, and workplace productivity is one of them. Many companies struggle to make their workplace more productive to reach their business goals while minimizing the risk.

Most businesses use tools like Webex cloud to make their business meetings more efficient and to improve productivity. Here are nine tips to improve productivity:

1. Create efficient work schedules

Productivity is highly relevant to time. You can boost productivity if you can finish more work in less time. Sadly many team leaders fail to realize that finished work has to be of excellent quality too.

Sometimes you have to compromise with quantity to improve the quality. Creating efficient work schedules for the team members can provide them with the flexibility to work better.

As the whole business world is shifting towards remote working, it’s essential to revise the work schedule accordingly. The modified work schedules will help team members to adapt to remote working, and gradually improve productivity.

2. Reduce distractions

A work environment without any distractions can help improve the productivity of the workplace. As it’s essential to maintain the workflow, it’s best to reduce any distractions from the office or remote workplace.

Many businesses are now embracing the open design set up in their offices, however, many prefer the walls up to prevent distractions and noise that hinder employee productivity. You can apply a mix of open- and close-design set up in the workplace by choosing desk partitions that offer employees a space to freely work with others while having a bit of privacy.


3. Delegate the work

You cannot do all of the work by yourself. It will not only create a massive workload for you but also affect the overall workplace productivity. As your team has numerous qualified and skilled individuals, it’s best to delegate the work and responsibilities. Dividing the work among your peers will help you organize the work, expedite the process and improve productivity.

However, don’t just delegate the work for the sake of it. As you are responsible for maintaining the quality and precision of work, you need to ensure you delegate the job to someone who has the right expertise and experience to complete it efficiently and on time.

4. Provide the right resources

Providing valuable tools and equipment to your team members can improve productivity multifold. Regardless of the industry, every company needs appropriate resources to perform specific tasks.

It wouldn’t make sense to expect high-quality work from the team when there are no proper tools to complete the task efficiently. For example, a faulty or slow copier can delay the job and waste a lot of time, which is counterproductive.

Modern, top-notch tools and devices can create a massive difference in productivity as the team members won’t have to deal with slow machines. The upgraded equipment and tools also help improve the reputation and credibility of your company. A simple upgrade to better tools and resources can improve workplace productivity significantly.

5. Set realistic goals

Setting achievable goals is a vital step towards achieving the goals within the deadline. It wouldn’t make sense to set unrealistic and almost impossible goals for your team members. It will not only be impossible to achieve, but it affects the current productivity of your company.

It can only be possible by discussing the workflow with the team members and other stakeholders who play an essential role in the project. Realistic goals help boost team morale since your employees or subordinates can see themselves inching towards the finish line.

At the same time, the team leader needs to define the roles and delegate the work to improve efficiency. The leader has to set the direction of the work to avoid any confusion and conflicts.

6. Improve office environment

It wouldn’t be cozy to work in a humid and hot office setup. It can often be challenging to work in such conditions. Whether it is hot or cold, the office environment plays a crucial role in employee productivity.

A comfortable office environment helps the team members focus on their work without any distractions. When they don’t have to worry about malfunctioning ACs or leaking roofs, they can work more efficiently.

Even some minor enhancements in the office environment can help your team improve their work. If your office doesn’t have a cafeteria or pantry, you can create one to let employees take a break, eat their meals, have coffee, and have some change of scenery. This will allow them to relax for a while and resume their work with more energy.

7. Make meetings more productive.

Meetings are not only group discussions but also an effective tool to improve teamwork. It’s a place where attendees can share their ideas, thoughts, and suggestions that can help to find the best solutions.

Modern companies use advanced conferencing technologies like Webex cloud to improve the effectiveness of meetings by allowing the host to record the meetings on the cloud.

The company meetings have to be more productive to have different perspectives on the problems. For the team leader, it is the best way to gather the team, guide them in the process and encourage them to achieve the goals. With the right tools, meetings can be a great way to boost the productivity of the team.

8. Take employee feedback

Employees are a valuable asset for any company. The companies are built by the sheer hard work and contributions of passionate team members. It wouldn’t be possible to achieve business goals without teamwork. That’s why it makes more sense to listen to what they have to say.

Employee feedback gives valuable insights into the life of employees. Listen to their problems and suggestions and find the solution to those problems.

Happy and satisfied employees surpass their abilities to perform any task. Moreover, when they don’t have to worry about any issues, they showcase more passion and dedication towards their work, which, more often than not, results in increased productivity.

9. Provide support and positive reinforcement

It’s okay to make mistakes. As a leader, you need to identify those mistakes and help the team members solve them. It helps them to take it positively and work with more confidence to deal with these mistakes.

A positive mindset can help to turn an adverse scenario into an opportunity. It will also improve productivity to a greater extent.

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