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5 Personal Injury Law Basics to Remember Before Filing a Claim


Few things can be quite so unfortunate as an accident at work. If you’ve been injured at work, that can cause a whole host of consequent problems.

Not only do you have to pay medical bills for the treatment you receive, but you may be unable to work for a period of time because of your injury. You may have suffered mental stresses that need to be treated. And all this happens while you endure the physical pain of the injury as well.

It’s important that you need to know personal injury law basics. With the right legal action, you can be compensated handsomely for everything that would have happened to you as a result of the accident.

1. Personal Injury Happens as a Result of Negligence

The first thing to think about with personal injury law is really understanding what is personal injury. It’s important to know that personal injury is legally actionable when the injury is a result of negligence. Negligence is failure to perform a legal duty.

For instance, a truck driver has a legal duty to operate his or her vehicle in a safe manner. When they fail in that legal duty, then they become negligent. If they injure someone else on the road because of that negligence, that is when the injured person becomes eligible for compensation.

If, on the other hand, you got injured as a result of your own carelessness or improper usage of a piece of equipment, then your workplace or the equipment manufacturer likely cannot be found at fault.

2. The Sooner You Start Legal Action, The Better You’ll End up

With personal injury, remember that sooner is better. Getting legal advice ASAP will help you avoid making such costly mistakes as talking too much to insurance folks and accidentally saying something that could be used as evidence to reduce the damages that you are owed.

3. Legal Advice is Typically Free of Upfront Cost

One thing that stops many folks from filing personal injury lawsuits is their perception that legal advice costs a lot. However, most lawyers in this space, like Bruner Law Firm, will work on a contingency fee basis. They get paid only when you win and get paid a percentage of the total winnings.

4. Legal Action Takes a While

Legal processes are slow. There’s just no getting around it. For you to get the compensation you’re looking for, you’re going to have to be patient.

5. Damages Must Be Proven

Last but not least, when you are in a court of law, you always need evidence to back up your statements. Thus, you need evidence to back up the damages that you request in your lawsuit. This evidence could be medical bills, evidence of loss of wages, demonstrations of loss of quality of life, and the such.

Personal Injury Law Basics You Should Know

There you have it — with knowledge of these personal injury law basics under your belt, you should now be far better equipped to get the compensation that you are due.

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