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5 Things That Could Happen To Business Owners With DUIs


5 Things That Could Happen To Business Owners With DUIs

A DUI can greatly affect your business’ success. We’ve talked about the several things that could happen if you have one under your belt. Read ahead.

Less Money into Your Company

Drunk driving not only puts your life at risk, but it can also stop cash from flowing into your business as well. You probably have several insurance schemes for your company. It’s natural for you to have health insurance, car insurance and a variety of other things for yourself as well.

DUIs can cause the rates you’ll be paying the insurance schemes to skyrocket. This would result in less cash being poured into your business. If your company is small, the lack of growth could kill it.

Your Reputation is at Risk

If your company is huge, getting caught drunk driving would result in your name being printed in newspapers. It’s likely that people would talk about you online as well. Such a thing could ruin your business’s reputation. The chances of you getting investment would die, as others would think working with you would be a risk.

Not only would investors be afraid to work with you but so would buyers. You may be lucky if you don’t have that many competitors around. You may not lose that many customers. However, this probably isn’t the case. You likely have several rivals.

Limited Office Hours

One of the consequences of getting a DUI is that your driving privileges would be suspended. For how long would this be? This depends on how good of a lawyer you have. If you live in a big city like Toronto criminal lawyer would be easy to find as the city has many great people to choose from.

Having your driving privileges suspended would not only limit how easily you’d be able to get to the office, but you wouldn’t be able to meet clients and discuss work related matters with investors either.

Jail Time

Depending on the conditions in the country you live in, you may get prosecuted harder for drunk driving. You could even go to jail. In Ontario, the charges are especially high. You may wonder how to fight DUI charge in Ontario?. Having a good criminal lawyer is key. Do your research so you find someone that would get the job done.

Lose Your Position

If your company is large, you may have a board of directors that might get rid of you. If you have a DUI, you might be seen as a loose cannon. As discussed earlier, the company would lose customers and investments. Keeping you as the leader of the team would send a bad message.

Considering the points talked about, it’s clear that getting caught driving under the influence can lead to severe consequences. Being a business owner, this could result in your company’s cash flow being restricted. Your driving privileges would be suspended as well, and you won’t be able go to work and any meetings as easily.

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