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5 Tips on How to Keep Your Work/Life Balance

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Work:Life Balance

Finding the correct balance between your career and your personal life is always a struggle, especially as workplaces tend to become increasingly competitive and the rising economic stress of modern life keeps the pressure on. Unsurprisingly, many workers are now unhappy with their work/life balance, feeling that our always-on mentality is encroaching on our spare time. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can restore that precious balance between work and life, and here are 5 tips to help keep your well-being in check while also furthering your career.

Know when to say no

This particular one is often difficult for many people. If you’re a “nice” person who is bad at saying no to your coworkers and bosses, you might usually find yourself with one too many things on your plate—a surefire way to push your stress levels up. It’s okay to take your time when responding to anyone who needs assistance with a task. Tell the person you’ll get back to them when you’ve checked your calendar and be assertive about your capacities if you need to refuse a project or task. It is better to do fewer things well than overload yourself with too many tasks at any given time.

Keep work at work

With the rise of smartphones, our potential productivity has increased while our real-world output has decreased at the same time. Smartphones offer us the opportunity to work from a distance, but also manage to keep a whole population distracted and in a state of constant, low-level stress. Try to avoid looking at work emails late at night, as this is a surefire way to raise stress levels before you try to sleep. A good tip on learning how to leave work at work is to write to-do lists for the next day before you head home. This will ensure you’re fully prepared for the next day without having to rely on your downtime to stay organized and ahead of your workload.

Work smart

In the age of digital distraction, we need to study the art of focus and try to use our time effectively. Learning to set priorities is key to maximizing your efficiency and productivity at work, and ensuring you stay focused on the job at hand is critical. Setting deadlines for every task is important, as well as moving to a quieter spot in the office to finish your projects. If you’re able to eliminate the background noise that you believe is affecting your workflow then do it—ruining your workflow is a particularly destructive stressor that will impact your day beyond your working hours. Additionally, don’t apologize for declining requests if you think they are unnecessary.

Plan your work and spare time

We don’t really acknowledge the importance of quality “me-time” and how much it benefits us to take time out of our day for a little bit of self-care. It also helps people perform a lot better at work. You should always view your spare time equally as important as your work time, and if you’re the type that is obsessed with work, try to remember that taking care of your wellbeing will help you perform much better in the office the next day!

Take care of your mind and your body

Our physical and mental health can be greatly affected by a bad work/life balance. It is important to exercise regularly in order to relax the body and brain—getting about 30 minutes a day can make a big difference. The power of going for a small walk every day, or even simply cycling to work, cannot be underestimated. Something as simple as yoga or a lunchtime workout can also help reduce huge amounts of stress and revitalize the body. Meditating may help keep your mind clear of potentially stressful thoughts at work and allow you to better deal with problems or other issues when they arise. If you’ve tried meditating and cannot seem to keep your mind clear, it may be helpful to connect with a licensed therapist, such as those at BetterHelp.

Ensuring your work/life balance is in check will not only help you improve productivity, concentration, and focus, but will also reap huge benefits for your team and/or company. For more information on how to improve your team through experienced and comprehensive HR services,  contact Flexi Personnel who can guide you through many aspects of onboarding, offboarding, staff training and much more.

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