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5 Top Tips for a Successful Business Move


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One of the most stressful times in life is moving, but while residential moving comes with its own personal stresses, commercial moves can be even harder. Not only have you got to consider putting up an office and moving it to a new location, you may have to think about rehiring employees, re-renting warehouse space, and moving things like heavy machinery.

If your company is in need of a new space – with your upside-down sizing – you need to make sure that you get everything done correctly so that it all goes off without a hitch. From hiring the right vans to move all of your desks and equipment, to heavy machinery movers that can get your tractors and other machinery under control, you need to note the top tips for moving your commercial business. Let’s take a look below.

  • Get started as soon as possible. You should strategize your plans for your move as soon as you know that there is going to be one. Even if you are six months away from your commercial lease ending, you need to have things in place to ensure that you are able to get your move going as soon as possible. Unexpected challenges will always arise when it comes to moving, so not only do you have to think about what can go right with your move, you really have to plan for the things that can go wrong. You need to start early so that you are equipped with the energy to handle any issues like a come your way. It’s not just telling everybody you’re considering a move. If you’re going to move into a fully new location in a new town, you may have to think about moving employees or hiring new ones. If you’re hiring new ones you need to give your current employees plenty of notice.

  • Start spreading the news. Alerting every single stakeholder and client that you have, as well as your current employees, your suppliers and your vendors, you need to tell everybody that you’re planning to move if all the moves are in motion. Not only do you need to tell them, you need to plan to tell them again! Many people don’t check their messages often so telling them twice is a good idea. When you are starting with vendors who you are a customer for, let them know where you’re moving to, when you are moving and how to reconnect your services at a new facility. Double-checking all of your contracts to make sure that moving to a new facility won’t break your agreement is also a good idea.

  • Declutter and downsize. Even if you are upsizing your space, you should downsize your stuff. It’s very easy for things to be stuffed away in your commercial area but you really could do without. Having a thorough clear out before you move to the new space means not bringing any deadweight with you. When you consider how many times it’s going to take for the trucks to go from one office or commercial area to another, you need to make sure that you have decluttered everything. Make this plan early on so that you know what to donate and sell or otherwise get rid of. If there’s any paperwork that needs to be digitized, get started with that now because it could take some time.

  • Make sure that you pack well. This one isn’t something that you actually have to do personally. You can help your future self and thank yourself later by making sure that you hire a company to do the work for you. Wrapping up monitors in moving blankets and disassembling furniture takes some time and effort, so why not just hire in the experts you’re doing this for a living? It’s a good idea to figure out the bare minimum that you need to get the office of the new workspace up and running so that you can get things over there as soon as you can. If you’re buying new furniture, only wrap and pack what you need to pack – the rest of it can wait because you are going to be researching the rest of the furniture.

  • Get some help. We talked about heavy machinery movers, but it’s a good idea to make sure that you called in the big guns for this. You’re not just moving your house, you’re moving your business! Most business owners are already stressed enough, and you might not have the time in energy to do it all yourself – you don’t have to

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