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6 Commercial Uses of Drone Technology


The use of drone services has expanded rapidly in recent years and it is not hard to see why when you consider all of its advantages and uses.

Drone technology has also evolved alongside its rapid growth and there are a number of ways that drones can be used commercially. Here is a look at what drone technology has to offer and how it has become the go-to solution for a variety of industries.

Drones are changing agricultural practices

The agricultural industry has readily embraced drone technology. Drones are routinely used to survey and map land areas for a number of useful purposes.

Using a drone allows farmers to assess the quality of a field, identify any livestock or drainage issues, and even determine the expected yield quantity of a crop.

Recently, drone technology has also made it easier to be more selective with targeted spraying of herbicides and insecticides. This has improved irrigation and reduced costs.

Land and building surveys

As well as using drones for farming purposes it has also been demonstrated that this technology has a multitude of commercial uses and advantages when it comes to carrying out land and building surveys.

Known as aerial LiDAR, which is a method of light detection and ranging, drones are capable of three-dimensional models and maps with a high degree of accuracy and precision.

Being able to carry out these surveys from the air is often much more cost-effective and time-efficient. A drone team is capable of scanning up to 500 acres per day.

Capturing inaccessible assets

Another commercial advantage offered by drones is the ability to create so-called digital twins.

What this involves is the capture of 360-degree footage of an asset that is difficult to access in any other way. This allows analysis of condition and other critical aspects to use the data to create a digital twin.

Delivered to your door by a drone

Amazon has already launched a service called Prime Air. This uses drones to deliver packages to its customers without the challenges of traffic delays or staffing issues.

It is aiming to deliver to customers within thirty minutes of receiving the order using these drones.

Drone technology could definitely revolutionize the delivery industry with what it has to offer.

A vital resource for emergency response services

When someone needs urgent medical help it is often a race against time to get to the patient so that the best outcome can be achieved. Drones are helping healthcare and rescue services to respond as quickly as possible.

Drones are now also regularly used in dangerous and challenging environments where rescue operations would otherwise be hampered by difficult terrain or a lack of access for rescuers.

An eye in the sky

News and traffic reporting has long relied on helicopters and cameras to provide the data it needs. Drones are making it easier to collect more in-depth information and deliver a closer view of events than can be achieved using a helicopter crew.

News footage has improved noticeably as a result of channels using drone technology.

As you can see, drones have become a valued and integral aspect of everyday commercial use. This technology is set to transform and enhance businesses and services for many years to come.

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