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6 Stupidest Kickstarter Campaigns Which Actually Got Huge Funds

by Fahad Saleem

6 Stupidest Kickstarter Campaigns Which Actually Got Huge Funds

Kickstarter is one of the primary means to raise funds for your startup. People have generated millions on this platform for their unique, innovative ideas. But do you know that there were many stupidest, funny ideas on Kickstarter which actually got funded? Have a look

Meat Soap

You would have tried a lot of soaps, but meat soap revives your hunger with smell of meat. It is quite awkward that the smell of food is incorporated in something with which we take bath. The concept is unique, although funny and the owners have raised $1905 from this campaign.

stupid kickstarter ideas 1

Poop: The Game

This Kickstarter project is based on one of the funniest games “Poop”, very much like Uno. This is a multi-player game for maximum of 10 people. You will find many cards in the deck that require people to do stupid things such as uttering a fart sound or a grunt. This project is backed by 668 people to raise more than $11,000 for the game.

stupid kickstarter ideas  2

World’s Largest Jockstrap

You need to perform something innovative for making to the Guinness Book for World Record. Some of the records are really awesome and praiseworthy, while some of them are really ridiculous and waste of time. Michael Barrette of San Francisco has designed the world’s largest Jockstrap. He requested Guinness to include special category for his record and raised $850 for surveyors to measure the size of Jockstrap. He convinced 11 people to invest a total of $854 for making his huge Jockstrap a reality.

stupid kickstarter ideas 3

Writing Funny Things in the Cloud

Kurt Braunohler used an idea for making people laugh out loud in his Kickstarter project for writing ridiculous things in the cloud. You just need to hire a plane and write an absurd message on sky. Around 257 backers pledged $7000. The citizens of Log Angeles could giggle while looking to the sky. The idea seems interesting, but not the one for which you could spend $7000.

stupid kickstarter ideas 4

Pirate Pancakes

This Kickstarter project is meant to be your breakfast by combining the attractive titles of Pirates and Pancakes. The Pirate Pancake Griddle was funded successfully for $18,633. Those who paid $93 got the actual griddle. Rest had to settle for a 3D vector file for printing one of their own. The idea of the project is interesting, but contains elements of fun.

stupid kickstarter ideas 5

Squirrel Census

John O’Conner led a project with his team members to design infographics posters on the basis of research data they took from the Park Squirrels in Atlanta. The project raised around $9K. Backers had to spend at least $30 for purchasing this ridiculous project.

stupid kickstarter ideas 6



These were some of the funniest Kickstarter campaigns funded by people. Got a business idea better than this? You have a great chance of getting funds for your business. Just head over to Kickstarter and explain to the world what you have in mind, just make sure that your idea doesn’t make to the list of stupid ideas over the web.

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