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7 Best Advertising Campaigns of Recent Years


Visuals are an integral component of digital marketing. According to research, 65% of consumers are more likely to interpret a brand’s message if it has a visually appealing design. Companies that focus more on the design aspect manage to outshine their competitors by a whopping 200%.

Anyone can create outstanding design, but only a few manage to come up with an innovative image or video that grabs the attention of their target audience. In recent years, we have seen some outstanding advertising campaigns that do just that, and provide vital inspiration to others.

Let’s take a look at the 7 most successful and inspiring advertising campaigns the past couple of years.

1. The Voice of Hunger Ad Campaign – Swiggy

After launching in 2014, it didn’t take long for Swiggy to become a popular food brand, thanks to its exciting ad campaigns that attract millions of foodies. Swiggy released another interesting campaign last year: “The Voice of Hunger”.

This innovative campaign was quite different from previous ones: this time the company asked the food-lovers to create the shapes of pancakes, pastries, kebabs, nuggets, etc. This was effective because it gave Instagrammers the chance to express themselves and have fun at the same time. Unsurprisingly, Swiggy’s campaign had a uge response from the influencers leading to millions of DMs on Instagram.

2. Thumbstopper Campaign 2020 – Facebook

The next campaign that provides inspiration to advertiser and marketers is Facebook’s innovative solution for content creators. With the help of its Thumbstopper campaign, the social networking site encouraged users to create a 10-second video sharing their memorable experiences. Many influencers and brands participated in the campaign by sharing heartening videos on their Facebook accounts.

The Thumbstopper Campaign became famous as more and more people shared inspiring stories on their social accounts. These short and quick videos delivered great results for brands and, fans loved it!

3. Steps Ad Campaign – Ikea

Ikea found an eco angle in promoting its recently-launched store in Greenwich. The company encouraged people to use an environment-friendly method to reach the store: putting posters and marketing stickers on the road directing people to the newly opened store.

Each poster mentioned the remaining distance. These posters also displayed the shortest route to public transport for those who can’t walk to the store. This was effective because it tapped into consumers’ increasing concerns about the environment, as well as making it as easy as possible for customers to visit the store.

4. Brings it Back – Pedigree

People loved Pedigree’s attempt to bring happiness and love in our lives when we needed it the most. The company launched yet another exciting campaign that touched our hearts with “Brings it Back”. Pets can bring joy into our life and Pedigree tapped into this by sharing a short advertising video that explained how a dog can help us get rid of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

In this video, a depressed and sad person throws a ball that has labels of love, joy, and happiness. The dog grabs the ball and brings it back to the person. This campaign was launched to encourage people to adopt dogs as they can bring happiness and love back in your life, while, of course, promoting Pedigree’s products at the same time.

5. Dominos – Point for Pies

Dominos made the most of cutting-edge AI technology by launching an inspiring campaign that caught the attention of millions of junk food lovers. The company launched a campaign that allowed people to take a picture of their pizza through the dominos app. It didn’t matter whether they get this pizza from dominos or some other fast-food restaurant.

The AI-enabled Dominos app must identify this picture as “Pizza” for it to be counted and for each pizza, customers got 10 reward points every week. As soon as they hit 60 points, they could redeem the reward for a free medium-sized pizza from dominos, encouraging users to sign up for the Dominos loyalty program.

6. Make Life Better – Philips

Philips has inspired several brands with its latest Make Life Better Campaign. The campaign centers around an emotive video that features men screaming, making the point that it is important for men to show their feelings, rather than bottling it all up. This links back to a deep problem in society that tells men to be strong they should hide their feelings, arguably causing mental health issues and a range of other problems. Philips did a great job of handling this important issue in a persuasive yet

7. Half Full – Coca Cola Campaign

After Romania was listed among the 10 unhappiest nations worldwide, Coca Cola decided to launch a campaign that spread positivity in the country. The company launched their “Half Full” campaign on social media and encouraged people to reveal the positive side of their story. The purpose was to motivate people to focus on the bright side and the campaign drew a positive response in Romania and globally.

An effective advertising campaign is simple, authentic, and memorable. The above-listed companies wowed us with their heartwarming campaigns, in many cases not only promoting their company but also sharing important messages.

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