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7 Helpful Websites for Every Streamer by AllCreate


In the world of content creation, video content has taken a leading role in recent times. Although textual content made a great start in the content creation industry because writing is as old as time, and then audio content rose to great heights later on. Graphical content in the form of pictures, designs and videos has since gained traction and reputation due to many reasons.

Graphical content has a better chance of getting the audience’s attention. Among this content group, videos stand out more due to their combination of audio and visual, and the majority of brands and businesses believe videos convert to more sales than other content.

One thing viewers love better than watching a video is watching it live. This preference is what streamers all over the world have since understood and began to implement. We now have streamers on different platforms serving up content as they go on. With this development, more websites have come to light. Websites are investing in streaming to serve the purpose and demands of different streamers all over the world in different niches. Not only have the new websites implemented streaming as a major feature, but platforms like Allcreate have also provided the possibility of deciding when to do a stream or release a pre-recorded video as a public post.

Today, we’ll be covering 7 sites that would be of great use to streamers worldwide. We’ll be covering websites helpful for different niches, making sure we have something for every type of inquisitive streamer out there. After a quick groundwork, we have chosen these 7 for good diversity, quality features and monetization opportunities.

Gamers contributed greatly to the rise of the streaming industry, so this article wouldn’t be complete without websites that would be favourable for gamers. There are 2 websites which would be useful to the gamers; one is very popular, and the other is a gem that gamers do not want to miss out on. Let’s get into the list now!

7 Helpful Websites for Every Streamer:

1.   Allcreate

Starting off the list is a streaming platform that is fast building a very good reputation for itself. Allcreate has an increasing number of content creators daily. The platform is very much trusted because of its vision to accept every creator as they are. They have built a platform where you can be yourself without any condemnation or judgement.

The online safety of streamers is taken into great consideration on Allcreate. They have an established verification system for all intending members of the platform that helps to input their stand into all new members. Following this verification, all creators you will find on the platform are positive and engaging. It’s an international website, which means these communities will contain different types of people from all over the world, all looking to make friends, produce content and also be entertained.

The streaming service is their main feature. They have free streams with an engaging public chat feature where your followers can drop their comments and contributions to your stream. The followers can go further to donate online gifts to show their appreciation or approval for your content. There are many other free and paid features that make the website a great visit. Once you sign up and verify, you can enjoy your favourite features and learn a lot.

2.   Twitch

This is the first website that we will be looking into for gamers. Long-term gamers would already be familiar with Twitch and a lot of what it offers. The story of Ninja, the most followed Twitch account, is well-known in the game-streaming industry.

Twitch is an American video streaming service, which means that it can be used by all types of streamers. However, from its early days in 2011, it mostly had a gaming audience. Though it has tried to be more diverse in recent times, gaming is still its most profitable niche. Not like they would complain about it.

The gaming streamers on Twitch are, intriguingly, diverse among themselves. On the platform, you can stream casual gameplay, gaming tutorials, Esports tournaments and even sporting events. It is a carnival for game streamers and you can visit it to stream whatever you like or watch other streams.

There are monetization opportunities on Twitch. The great part is there are opportunities for newbies as well as well-established accounts. Both opportunities come in affiliate forms where you earn as your channel grows. There are criteria you must have covered to be eligible for the affiliate program, you can read more here.

3.   YouTube

When it comes to video content worldwide, Youtube would usually be the first name mentioned. Its name and reputation speak for themselves. Youtube is the second most visited website in the world, and this is simply because of its multiple uses. It serves as a content creation platform, a streaming platform and a search engine among other things.

Youtube introduced streaming in 2011 (6 years after Youtube itself came to be) and has since developed really well on it. During this period, they tried a game-streaming platform (YouTube gaming) but it has since been discontinued.

Youtube streams are further saved on the platform itself to be watched later by interested viewers. Once you have a very good number of subscribers and monthly viewers and you follow their policies, you can monetize your streams and videos on the platform.

4.   Clubhouse

We’ve been more focused on video content streamers like Youtube and Allcreate. We understand that not every content creator out there is fully comfortable with making their faces a part of their commercial brand. Clubhouse offers audio streaming for such content creator.

During the pandemic, download numbers of Clubhouse doubled. On Clubhouse you can stream to your live audience and even decide who to add into the conversation to contribute. It is one of the leading interactive platforms when it comes to streaming. You can schedule events and have people anticipate them. When the event begins, other users can see it in their feeds and also decide to join. The little downside of Clubhouse is the lack of a web interface, you have to download the application to gain access.

The platform keeps working to put in monetization schemes, with their “send money” feature, in which other users can give money to creative creators for free, being one of their earliest introduced features on the app.

5.   Talkytimes

The Talkytimes website is another community-based website where you can stream to the public. The website shares similar values with Allcreate as they protect the interest of their users on the platform.

Talkytimes was made for genuine communication. They seek to create new relationships between people far and wide through content creation and streaming features. Streamers use this website to get their work out there to a well-meaning audience. You wouldn’t have to compete with bots or illegitimate accounts because all users pass through an important safety-protocol verification process. They aren’t so popular but the creators who use them speak well of their experience on the platform as they don’t have to compete with paid ads as on other streaming platforms. It’s a good place to kick off your streaming journey before going into the other popular spaces.

6.   Facebook

Social media is where the whole world is at. From the youngins on Snapchat and Tiktok to the middle age ranges on Instagram, and Twitter, and then to the much curious working-class on Facebook and LinkedIn, there is an experience for every kind.

Most social media platforms have great streaming features now, but we had to pick one to talk about, so we chose Facebook. Facebook is the most used and most popular social media platform in the world, and in the world of social media numbers, the possible reach is massive here.

From a streaming point, Facebook launched its streaming feature in 2015, and it has been well accepted and growing ever since. As a streamer, not only do you enjoy access to a large population (most especially if you are an active Facebook user), but you can also use their metric features to inform you about your audience. You get information about those who stayed throughout the stream, your peak live viewers and many other helpful stats to help you improve on your content.

You can activate In-stream ads to help make some profit during your streams on Facebook. The more you grow your account, the more money you can make from it.

7.   Fairly Odd Streamers

We promised the gamers reading something special, and here it is. It’s called Fairly odd streamers. This is not a streaming platform, but this article seeks to cover helpful platforms, so we had to add this to the list.

Fairly odd streamers is a website filled with helpful resources for game-streamers, and the best part is that all the resources are free. This is basically a marketplace to get many things that can help you improve your streaming progress and we feel this is more helpful to gamers than telling you about another streaming site that you probably already know about.

On this platform, the resource centre is well categorized to make your user experience easy. You can find detailed information on affiliation programs, Twitch extensions, streaming software, chatbots and so many more. The website is established by gamers, so they have a full understanding of the in-demand resources in the industry. Rest assured, there’s no garbage on here.

You can subscribe to their email list when you go on the website to be informed about new resources and features that are released.

And that’s it…

We’re sure you’ve found one or two websites that would be of good use to you. Allcreate, Clubhouse and Talkytimes could be good starting points for a content creator. Twitch is a great platform for gamers, and you can use the resources on Fairly odd streamers to back it up. There are other social platforms that you could use to have fun or expand when you go bigger, such as Youtube and Facebook.

There are many other platforms that were not discussed. We tried to keep this article to a limit of 7, and in anything you want to begin, you could make use of at least one of these. After more research on your part, you’ll be good to go. Good luck!

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