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9 Cheap Ways to Make your Old Car Feel New


Have you driven your car for a long time? Vehicle owners spend a lot of time in their vehicles when driving kids to school, running errands, or going on road trips.  When vehicles age, they can start to feel a little boring. In today’s culture, most vehicle owners are quick to replace vehicles rather than fix them. Perhaps it’s the thrill of getting something new and exciting because of the advancing technology. If buying a new car is not an option, here are affordable ways to breathe new life into your old vehicle.

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Replace the Floor Mats

Floor mats in your car wear out fast. If you’re still using the original floor mats, clean them regularly and get an extra pair to give your car a new feel. To avoid replacing worn floor mats now and then, purchase those that are weather-appropriate rubber. These will prevent mold from growing, especially during the rainy season when you have wet boots frequently.

Get New Covers and Repair Worn Out Seats

After staying with your vehicle for too long, the seats eventually experience wear, especially the driver’s seat. Wearing comes about when you slide across them as you climb in and out of the car. While worn seats are unattractive, they become uncomfortable and provide less support. The most affordable option is to replace the covers with high-quality ones. Alternatively, if your budget allows it, get the seats repaired at leather or an upholstery shop.

Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

Dust and trash will automatically cause your car to feel old. Whenever you leave your vehicle, make a habit of emptying the trash. Invest in organization tools and compartmentalize them to accommodate various items such as paperwork and phone chargers. Every year, give your vehicle a deep clean and regularly clean the dust off weekly or monthly, depending on the environment.

Consider Paint Correction

New paint could make the overall difference by creating a new look and feel for your car. Compared to getting a new car, repainting is relatively inexpensive, and you can get it done at any auto spray company. Alternatively, you can decide to do the paint polish by yourself in your free time. In the process, paint correction will remove the dull oxidation and tiny scratches, giving it a fresh and glossy finish.

Restore the Headlights

Faded headlights not only make it difficult to see during night time but also make your vehicle look worn and old. Restoring headlights is an easy job that you can do by yourself or hire a professional to do it at a fair price. To keep the cost down, purchase new headlights online or from a body shop. Buy the aftermarket ones that look like your originals instead of OEM headlights.

Repair Dents

Dents are a common occurrence in vehicles, especially if it is your first car. You end up bumping into other vehicles or hit surfaces. These dents are an unpleasant sight that can cause you to give up on your old vehicle. However, repairing dents can restore your car’s beauty and make it feel new. Repair them soon enough to avoid extreme damage to the outer body that can eventually reduce its performance. It would also be a good idea to get fresh and personalized plates to replace the old ones.

Refinish or Replace the Tires

Over time, tires experience wear, especially if you aren’t the best at parking. After a couple of years, the buildup of brake dust bakes onto the wheels, causing them to look beat and old. With new, shiny wheels, you can take some years off your vehicle’s age. This, paired with a paint correction will have your car looking as good as new.

Schedule Routine Maintenance and Servicing

It’s easy to ignore minor problems in your vehicle and let them build up. However, you may end up thinking it’s too late when many problems require fixing. To avoid these problems and give your old car a new feel, schedule routine maintenance, and servicing. This way, you can have the oil changed, fix squeaky brakes, and examine if there are any leaks.

Upgrade the Audio System

Technology is moving fast nowadays, and your vehicle’s audio system shouldn’t be left behind. Upgrading the audio system will give your car a modern feel and make road trips and running errands enjoyable. Upgrades include things like Bluetooth, new navigation tools, and USB charging.

Bottom Line

Old cars are cool; you don’t have to replace them now and when they start to age. Instead of giving up on your old car, use affordable means to give it a new feel and keep it functional. To ensure optimal performance, keep up with maintenance and servicing. This way, you will establish if it has problems that need fixing or get a new battery. Keep your vehicle clean, repair or upgrade its interior and exterior body, and refinish the wheels for an overall new feel.

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