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A Professional Africa Kicks Off LIFELINE Webinar Series to Curb the Rise of Mental Illness in Africa Since COVID-19 Pandemic


A Professional Africa (APA) has kicked off a free webinar series online called Lifeline – Bridging the Gap to Development, a bi-monthly international webinar series aimed at improving the performance of Africans in industry and business, in mindset, and overall health amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar series will run every other Wednesday from August 19, 2020 and aired live at 3:30 PM WAT, 9:30 AM CDT on the APA Facebook page. Everyone interested in internet marketing or press release distribution services can register for the webinar free at and email APA’s founder.

A Professional Africa, having considered myriad stories of depression, especially by business owners since COVID-19, decided to curate this bi-monthly webinar series as a ray of hope to Africans around the world amidst the pandemic gloom.  “It is estimated that in the last few months, several Africans around the globe have been affected by fear, anxiety and panic about coronavirus (COVID-19), communities have been in a heightened state of anxiety and struggling to manage the uncertainty surrounding the possible spread and impact of COVID-19, and there will be a significant minority who will be affected by long-term anxiety and depression as a result,” said Dr. Urenna Onyewuchi, founder of A Professional Africa and pioneer convener of the branded annual version of the IEEE Power Africa Conference. “To assist with the public mental health response, APA will through this webinar series offer tools to succeed holistically, improve mental health and thrive despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

Dr. Onyewuchi, who will lead the webinar events, is partnering with an international network of speakers, including Dr. Charles Okorie, Internal Medicine Specialist based in the US; Prof. James Momoh, Chairman of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC); and Mr. Everton Callum, SPHR,SHRM-SCP of Jamaican descent, Human Resource Director of Global Research at Good Year Tire and Rubber Company in the US.

In addition to fostering mental health awareness, the webinar series will cover other topics on achieving reliable power, employment and good investor relations: Africa’s top problems.  The aim being to help Africans dominate in the areas of industry, business, the mind, and health wherever they are in the world. From learning how to enhance the chances of landing a job in the United States, to awareness on building renewable utility substations to power Africa, each topic will be addressed from a diverse perspective.

The first webinar on mental health is already available on the video page of APA and insights from the community are already emerging from attendees.  According to Felix Nwabilor, one of such attendees: “It is so essential for organizations like APA to provide a platform for Africans everywhere to voice their fears and guide them towards appropriate mental health resources during this pandemic.”

APA invites all people of African descent and development-focused organizations across sectors and locations around Africa to participate in this ongoing series. Sponsors are needed and appreciated to keep this event free to the community. Full information can be found on the APA website.

About A Professional Africa (APA)

A Professional Africa (APA) is the premier collaboration platform for the development of Africa and emerging economies. It specializes in three things: Curating educational programming (including lectures, conferences and webinars) for clients, Sourcing subject matter experts and learning and development resources for clients, and Offering world-class short online masterclasses in important areas of the economy.

A Professional Africa (APA) has consulted for Central Bank of Nigeria and the International Training Institute (ITI) Learning and Development. APA’s Women in Business courses have been called a differentiator by MTN Nigeria’s development manager, and currently, APA is consulting with other public and private entities in Africa to ensure affordable superior online learning and development tools to Africans around the world.

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