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Apple Releases New IOS 17.1: What Should You Expect

by Roveen
Apple ios 17

The Apple IOS 17 was one of the most significant changes that Apple made to its operating system.

The IOS 17 came with a lot more customization never before seen on the iPhone, as well as with more new features that would prove useful to its users.

Well, an update of the IOS 17, the IOS 17.1, is here with us and while we expect the changes to be minor, there are still some fixes that you get with the new OS.

Bug fixes and updates

One of the biggest new features of the updates IOS 17.1 is the ability to continue with AirDrop transfers over cellular if the two connected devices move out of Wi-Fi range after the process has started.

As you may know, the feature was not in the IOS 17 released last month but is now here. You can simply toggle on Use Cellular Data under ‘Out of Range’, and you are good to go.

You can also favorite songs, albums, artists, and playlists in the Music app on IOS 17.1. Favorite replaced ‘Love’, which was the previous system. A star next to a track means it’s a favorite, while a dot indicates it’s the most played track.

There has also been a tweak to the StandBy feature. On IOS 17.1, you have more customization options. You can set a time for when the display turns off, with time ranging from automatically, 20 seconds, and never.

The IOS 17.1 also has changes for the Dynamic Island, with the flashlight indicator now showing on the Dynamic Island. This feature was only on the 15 Pro but is now in all iPhones with Dynamic Island.

To download the new software, go to Settings, then select General. Click on Software Update and follow the instructions.

If you can’t find it, you must wait a little longer for the notification to appear on the Settings app when its available.

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