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BBOXX partners with Togo Government to roll out 300,000 Solar Home Systems

by Felix Omondi
bboxx smart solar

The UK-based renewable energy business BBOXX, at the invitation of the Togo President Faure Gnassingbé, is set to roll out some 300,000 solar home systems in the country over the next five years.

This development comes after BBOXX joined ‘CIZO’ (meaning ‘light up’ in Guin, a local language), an initiative by the president to provide a sustainable mix of energy to the population. Togo has a population of about 7 million, and it is estimated some 700,000 homes live off the grid.

As part of the government’s Vision 2030, Togo wants to provide its citizen access to electricity using a mix of sustainable energy solutions. The coming up of BBOXX to join the ‘CIZO’ is seen as a step further to achieving this goal.


From left to right: Joe Segal (BBOXX), Mansoor Hamayun (CEO, BBOXX), H.E. President Faure Gnassingbé, Thomas Chevilotte (BBOXX advisor), Honorable Minister Cina Lawson, ICT Minister, and Honorable Minister Marc Bidamon, Minister of Energy

The President has a strong vision to provide access to electricity to 2 million Togolese people. The governmental authorities have created the right framework to facilitate and attract private capital to electrify Togolese rural households,” said Mansoor Hamayun, co-founder, and CEO of BBOXX.

BBOXX is proud to have been selected by the Government of Togo, and we will work hard to deploy our systems across the country.”

10,000 Solar Homes Systems to be rolled out within next 12 months

BBOXX and the Togo government have set a goal to roll out 10,000 solar home systems in rural areas over the next one year.

BBOXX Home has already recorded impressive tractions across South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Angola, Rwanda, and Cameroon. The solar kit that comes with BBOXX Home enables users to power up to five light bulbs, TV, radio, and torches. The solar kit is backed up by a 12 V battery.

BBOXX Home solar kit can be monitored remotely by the company to establish the battery level and what is consuming the bulk of the power. Users can pay for the solar power using mobile money. The company will also provide the customers a full energy service, replaces and/or upgrades the battery, solar equipment, and any other components.

The Togo Presidency press team states: “in addition to increasing the rural electrification rate from 7% to 40%, the CIZO initiative aims at providing massive adoption of mobile payment solutions across rural areas thus facilitating financial inclusion of rural populations.”

Togo marks the third West African country, after Nigeria and Cameroon, for BBOXX to launch their solar home products.

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