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Best Cameras for Vlogging: 2022’s Top Pics


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It’s easier than ever to launch a YouTube or social media influencer career. Millions of people all around the world have found success in this career path. However, if you’re looking to launch a YouTube career focused on vlogging, you’ll need a good camera.

The best cameras for vlogging are going to be different from cameras for photography or short film-making. Let’s take a look at the best vlogging cameras of 2022.

Best Cameras for Vlogging

First off, let’s look at the essentials.

For vlogging, you want something light and compact. You also want a built-in microphone or a port for an external microphone. That’s just to start; deciding which vlogging camera to add to your kit can be a big decision, and we’re here to help.

Sony ZV1

A Sony is one of the best cameras you can get for vlogging. They are more affordable and easy to repair, unlike a lot of popular digital cameras. Sony lenses are made of a more durable material that makes them harder to shatter and easier to repair.

This ZV1 model is great for the on-the-go YouTuber.

The Sony ZV1 is compact and lightweight, with a flip-out viewfinder. The microphone is designed for vlogging, as it’s a directional microphone that is perfect for front-facing recording. There is also a microphone port if an external mic is needed.

The Sony ZV1 is also equipped with Active SteadyShot image stabilization. This means whether you’re vlogging with a monopod, tripod, or one hand on the camera, your image will be automatically stabilized.

GoPro HERO10

GoPro’s have been very popular among travel vloggers for years now. It’s a very compact, but powerful camera, able to go with you everywhere. From hiking mountains to scuba diving, this camera can go with you on all your adventures.

The GoPro HERO10 is the best model yet. With this new model, GoPro provides higher frame rates, 4K shooting ability, and a new live-streaming ability. That’s right, you can live-stream straight from the GoPro in HD 1080p.

Another amazing feature from GoPro is the ability to take still frames from footage that still looks great. From there, you can take this high-quality image and create spectacular thumbnails.

To create that eye-catching thumbnail, you can use Adobe’s free image background remover. To remove background, it takes just a few minutes of simple editing and then you have a perfect YouTube thumbnail. You can do all this while still on your adventure as the GoPro uploads all your footage straight to the Cloud as you film.


If you’re looking for a great vlogging camera that still has the ability to take incredible photographs, the FUJIFILM X-S10 is a perfect option.

FUJIFILM is known for its amazing DSLRs and SLRs so this camera is a great investment.

The FUJIFILM X-S10 is sleek and lightweight, but very capable of capturing high-resolution images and videos. For the artsy, film-oriented vlogger, this camera is perfect for your needs. The camera has an amazing autofocus system as well as improved low-light performance.

The FUJIFILM X-S10 has incredible in-body image stabilization and the ability to shoot at 240 frames-per-second for slow-motion shooting. These features are perfect for vloggers with a more artistic drive behind their YouTube vlogs.

Lights Camera Action

After looking over the best cameras for vlogging, there’s definitely an option perfect for all your vlogging needs. We hope this helped narrow down which vlogging camera to add to your kit. Happy vlogging!

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