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There is a growing demand for data analytics worldwide. On daily basis, a business analyst works with requirement gathering, elicitation, analysis, and modeling. A data analysis or business analysis tool helps to perform the analysis tasks better and efficiently. Thus, here are the best data analysis and business analysis tools.


It is a free tool which maps any data sources such as web-based data, data warehouse or Microsoft Excel to create dashboards, maps, data visualizations, etc. The tool gives real-time updates. The user can easily download the mapped data onto their PC in any desired format. Tableau has the ability to deal with Big Data. You can easily share the data with your client through social media.


Looker is a tool which has data exploration functionalities for large and small businesses. They can get real-time insights into their operations which helps the companies to make better decisions. It lets the users create reports and share with their team for their input effortlessly. Data of all sizes can be analyzed on Looker.

Microsoft Excel

It is the most popular, widely used, and best data analysis and business analysis tool in all industries. It becomes quite helpful when there is an analytic requirement on the client’s internal data. This tool has the capability to analyze complex task to summarize the data as per requirement. The prebuilt options like time grouping or automatic relationship detection are very useful.

R Programming

This is the leading analytics tool which is used for data modeling and statistics. This tool deploys your data and portrays it in different ways effortlessly. Compared to other similar tools, R programming has better performance, data capacity, and outcome. It has almost 11,556 packages to explore.


It is a programming language and environment for data management which can analyze data from many sources. This, one of the best data analysis and business analysis tools, is manageable and simply accessible. Many SAS models are being used for market analysis, social media, and web for profiling customers.



Python is an object-oriented scripting language which is a free open-source tool. It is easy to write, read, and maintain. It has some really impressive machine learning libraries, such as Theano, Keras, and Tensorflow, which could be utilized for data analysis. Moreover, Python can easily be assembled on different platforms like JSON, SQL Server or MongoDB database.

Rational Requisite Pro

This is one of the best data analysis and business analysis tools for requirements management, especially for large projects. It provides the functionality of word processing, and query and sort data using a dynamic database. Also, it can handle an audit trail of changes and impact analysis.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a large-scale data processing tool which executes applications in Hadoop clusters 10 times faster on disk and 100 times faster in memory. This tool makes data science easy. It is also being used for machine learning models and data pipelines development. Moreover, this one of the best data analysis and business analysis tools has a library MLlib which includes machine algorithms for repetitive data science procedures.

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