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Best Shopify Tips for Success from a Seller Who Makes $10,000 Per Month By Selling Shoes Online

by Fahad Saleem

Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms using which people make their own stores and sell items online. According to an estimate, there are over 500,000 businesses using Shopify and running their online stores. We stumble upon success stories of people resigning from their jobs and making Shopify store to sell products, and getting rich. A few months ago, a Redditor who sells lighting shoes on his Shopify did an “Ask Me Anything” session. He shared some excellent Shopify tips which are of use for anyone who wants to start a new ecommerce store on Shopify. The Redditor “daniel7rusu” makes about $10,000 per month from his online store. We will assume the name of the OP is Daniel.

To start with, the Redditor did two things: learnt software development to know how to make Shopify stores. If you have money, you can outsource this job. Otherwise, it will take 3-4 months to learn software development and designing ecommerce stores.

Next, Daniel purchased a website from Flippa. The website was an ecommerce store which was making $5,000 per month in sales. Daniel used his development skills to clean up the website.

The idea of selling lighting shoes was his own. But he needed a supplier. The existing customers of the website were not happy because they had to wait for about a month before getting their product. Daniel found a new supplier who was not drop-shipping from China. Instead, the new supplier was able to ship items directly from the US.

How to Find a Supplier for Shopify Ecommerce Store

How did Daniel find the supplier for his Shopify store? Through search. He says that he did a lot of search work on Google and contacted about 15 websites. At last he found a supplier who ships directly to clients from the US.

Get Reviews from Social Media Influencers and Bloggers

The Reddit poster says that the most important thing in your Shopify business is to increase its popularity on social media. It’s the only way to increase traffic and sales. Answering a question that where would he spend if he got $5,000, Daniel said that he would spend the money to get good reviews from social media influencers.

SEO of your Ecommerce Store

In the AMA session, some excellent suggestions came up from other Shopify sellers. The first one is to have a blog section on your Shopify store. Keep pushing posts related to your product niche with targeted keywords. This will increase the ranking of your website. The store will appear first when people search for the products you are selling, which means more sales.

You should always add a reviews section to your products.

Which Plugins to Use on Your Shopify Store

It is also important to add Shopify plugins to your website. You can use Shopify plugins for sales popups and other features. The OP recommends the following Shopify plugins.

Sales Pop, Conversion Plus, Checkout Upsell, Better Coupon Box (for popups), Tidio Live Chat, Tagtray.

Customer Service

Every ecommerce store needs to have a customer service. Daniel says that he hired a customer services company for his website from the freelancing platform Odesk (now Upwork).


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