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Bitcoin – an Asset


Investors and traders believe that bitcoin is a powerful asset and has more excellent value than stocks and real estate assets. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies give higher returns than any other asset in the same period. The bitcoin market is very dynamic as compared to other markets. If the returns are high, then the risk involved is more. For a newbie, there is more risk than the experienced one. One needs to be very careful and active in this market as it fluctuates in seconds. Every day traders need to be very alert. Before entering this market, one needs to be fully aware of the money invested and the risk-taking ability.

Virtual currency, not a physical currency:

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, which means bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not have an intermediator like banks for the transactions between one person to another. It is a technology only that tracks and records transactions. Cryptocurrencies can be sent quickly from one wallet to another with just one click. It is a hundred percent safe if we take precautions and are super active while dealing with transactions.

Cryptocurrency does not have any physical form like cash or any card. Instead, it is present in your wallet digitally, and only you have access to your cryptocurrency wallet. A crypto wallet is a wallet used to store as many as cryptocurrency one has and used for transactions. There are many wallets to store your cryptocurrencies; for example, a ledger is a hardware wallet, whereas a trusted wallet is an application. One can use the wallet as long as to store the crypto, and it is the safest place because every wallet has a seed or phrase, which is a key to open the wallet for transactions, and these phrases are only with the owner of the wallet.

Higher returns:

Cryptocurrency gives higher returns in a short span. Many companies, high profile business people, investors, small traders, and even general people invest in the cryptocurrency market and make millions from it by investing a small amount of money. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have high demand, and the supply is predetermined, so the price increases. Investors who invest in the project at the initial stage get more benefit or profit as when the project comes on the market, it is usually 10x the money on their launch day. In cryptocurrency, people can earn money in many ways – by simply investing in a coin, investing in the project at initial days, staking the coin, and participating in the private sale of the coin. Some people do leverage trading; it means future trading and margin trading.  

Sell and buy easily:

Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold quickly without any hassle by sitting at ease as it does not involve any third party in it as it is decentralized. However, one needs to have an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. By providing essential information and documents about oneself, one can quickly start their crypto journey. For example, when a trader observes that the coin price is up, he can sell at higher prices and buy at lower prices. Click here to find out more about bitcoin trading.

Act as currency:

Some companies have their coins or tokens, and they generally do transactions while using their native tokens only. However, many companies are accepting transactions in cryptocurrency. For example -Travala, a travel booking company, made their coin AVA for payment purposes. Various companies do transactions using cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, Tesla started to accept payment in bitcoin. There is a new development in the projects with more usage like Cardano, Etherium, Litecoin, etc.

Many projects usually do 10x or more, and some never multiply the money. There are scam projects in the market; people with the mindset to earn more money in less time invested in these projects, and then they lose their money as project developers scam them and run off with their money. As crypto is not regulated, anyone can make their cryptocurrency.  This market needs research work on the fundamentals of the project and past performance from technical analysis charts. It has one rule when you find the profit from a project, take it and leave the project.

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