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BleepBleeps launches Suzy Snooze a clever Sleep Science Tool using IoT for peaceful Baby and Family Sleep

BleepBleeps launches Suzy Snooze a clever Sleep Science Tool using IoT for peaceful Baby and Family Sleep

BleepBleeps, the makers of cute and (IoT) connected devices, smashed their Kickstarter campaign by smashing their target of $50,000 under just 36 hours. The aftermath dust of their smashed campaign is yet to settle and BleepBleeps product Suzy Snooze is still one of the most talked about projects on Kickstarter.

Having met their target funding in just 36 hours, BleepBleeps has already launched their product Suzy Snooze. A device made using cutting edge technology in sleep science and clever IoT design to help children get better sleep and stay asleep. In turn also giving the rest of the family member better and longer sleeps.BleepBleeps launches Suzy Snooze a clever Sleep Science Tool using IoT for peaceful Baby and Family Sleep

Suzy Snooze, launched this week on Kickstarter, and is the latest in the BleepBleeps line of cute, connected devices that make parenting easier. Suzy Snooze, an all-in-one baby monitor, sleep trainer and nightlight, has been co-created with UK’s biggest parenting community, Mumsnet.BleepBleeps launches Suzy Snooze a clever Sleep Science Tool using IoT for peaceful Baby and Family Sleep

Suzy Snooze helps young children get to sleep, stay asleep as well as learn healthy sleeping habits. Its Sleep Sequence function uses patterns of light and sound to induce sleep at bedtime, before turning into a constant nightlight, to fill the room with a cosy light needed to create the consistent and calm environment to help children stay asleep. At a time set by the parent or guardian, Suzy’s hat gently pops up to let children know it’s time to get up, allowing both children and the whole family get a better night’s rest.BleepBleeps launches Suzy Snooze a clever Sleep Science Tool using IoT for peaceful Baby and Family Sleep

Suzy Snooze can also be connected to the BleepBleeps app, allowing parents to monitor their child’s sleep via a smartphone and making it easy to schedule and log sleep routines for children, even recommending unique sleep schedules for children based on their age.

Suzy Snooze has been developed using the latest in sleep science to help young children learn healthy sleep routines, with guidance from Professor Colin Espie, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Sleepio, a clinically proven digital sleep improvement programme and one of the world’s leading authorities on sleep at the University of Oxford. Espie advised on how light and sound could be used to create the most relaxing environment for children to sleep in, all with the understanding that good sleep habits in early life lead to a lower incidence of sleep disorders later on.

Alongside its own team of designers, BleepBleeps has also brought together the UK’s leading creative talent to develop Suzy Snooze including industrial designers Map, technology consultancy Hirsch & Mann, and world-leading electronic music producer and DJ Erol Alkan who has created a unique soundscape for the product. Like all BleepBleeps products, it was inspired by the simple geometric shapes of kids toys, with a wide range of other influences from iconic industrial design by the likes of Italian studio Alessi and Germany’s Dieter Rams to distinctive Japanese vinyl toys.

To make the product smart as well as beautiful, BleepBleeps also worked with Hive, the technology design studio, on developing the Suzy Snooze connected experience via the BleepBleeps app.

This emphasis on design stems from the belief that parenting products should be designed to with both child and parent in mind: stylish enough to fit in any contemporary home and with enough character to appeal to children. Above all, the design needed to have longevity, to allow Suzy Snooze to grow old with the child, remaining useful for years and not just weeks.

Suzy Snooze has been created with Mumsnet, with hundreds of parents from the Mumsnet community developing and co-creating the product. The same parents will help beta test Suzy Snooze before it reaches Kickstarter pledgers and store shelves.

The idea for Suzy Snooze came from my own experience of trying to create different sleep routines for my children with my wife.” said Tom Evans, Founder of BleepBleeps. “Speaking to other new parents, it became clear that sleep is one of their primary concerns, with many wanting to know how to get their child to sleep, the right amount of sleep and when, not only for the health and wellbeing of the child but for the family as a whole – it’s a daily struggle.

We saw this as a real opportunity to make something that was loved and useful and would grow with the child, as no existing products combine sleep training, a nightlight and a baby monitor all-in-one. We also knew that very few related products had much in the way of a pleasing, long-lasting design aesthetic that would appeal to the parents so we decided to create Suzy Snooze.”

Justine Roberts Founder, Mumsnet said: Sleep remains one of the hottest topics of conversation on Mumsnet as it’s a real pain point for many parents. So it’s easy to become obsessed by the number of sleeps a baby has in a day, or what time a toddler keeps waking up in the morning.

We’re excited to be involved in the development of a world-first product, created in partnership with leading sleep scientists and parents, which will make bedtimes easier for families around the world.

Professor Colin Espie, Chief Medical Officer, Sleepio said: Proper sleep plays an important role in the early development of a child, and it’s our belief that learning good sleeping habits early in life will help minimise the risk of sleep disorders as adults.

Sleep is critical for a family’s health and wellbeing, not just how much sleep your child is getting, but parents too! We’ve worked with BleepBleeps to ensure their product team has access to world class sleep experts and the latest scientific research to create an effective sleep preparation tool for families.”

Suzy Snooze is the second product in a line of cute, connected devices from BleepBleeps which help make parenting and family life easier. The Suzy Snooze Kickstarter launches on Tuesday 21 June and runs through to Thursday 21 July, 2016.

The first 100 people to back the project will be able to purchase Suzy Snooze for an earlybird price of $125, before moving to the standard Kickstarter price of $149. Backers will receive their Suzy Snooze six months later and shortly after, the product will go on sale to the mass market at a retail price of $175.

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