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CBD pet Treats Review: The Most Popular Q&A


Answering Important Questions on CBD for Pets

If you are a pet person, you may have come across numerous CBD-for-animal brands while running errands. You can find these products at dispensaries, stores, supermarkets, online, and many more places. For some people, it is easy to assume that the products are generally safe for pets. Others have a hard time believing the same. 

With the love owners have for their pets, it is understandable that they would have several questions about the products. They generally target safety, dosage, effects on the animal, and how to administer CBD pet treats for maximum effect, so this article addresses as many of those concerns as possible. 

What is CBD for Pets?

Pet CBD treats are becoming widely available. What are they? Similar to edibles, these treats result from adding oil or concentrated tinctures to regular animal feeds. CBD, as you may well know, is a cannabinoid from the hemp or marijuana plant. 

When taken from the hemp plant, there is little need for further extraction. The compound from the hemp plant contains less than 0.3% of THC, which is at the legal level. The plant may have more than 0.3% THC for the marijuana-derived compound, but what gets used in CBD pet treats is within the legal limits. The products you see on shelves and online are well within the legal limit. 

There are three major types of CBD: isolates, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. The isolate variety refers to pure CBD. It has undergone a series of extraction to ensure that all the other compounds found in the hemp or marijuana plant have gotten eliminated. The broad spectrum refers to CBD that does not contain other products from the mother plant. 

Full-spectrum CBD contains significant levels of other materials from the mother plant. These materials include terpenes, cannabinoids, and others. Before full-spectrum varieties get used for dog feeds, they are taken through a process that removes the THC. This process is because THC is harmful to animals due to its psychotropic effects. 

Types of CBD Treats

If there is one thing that CBD products have going for them, it’s variety. You can never find yourself with a single option, regardless of the kind of pet. You can find CBD pet treats for cats, dogs, horses, and other animals. 

When it comes to the types, they are a little like the human CBD kinds. The most commonly available ones are oils and tinctures. One can find several flavored and non-flavored oils and tinctures of different potencies. These oils and tinctures get added to the animal’s foods and drinks or can be fed to them directly. Either way is effective.

Another type is soothing balms. You’re mistaken if you thought CBD skincare was only available for people. There are balms and creams suitable for dogs, cats, and horses. These balms and creams help with alleviating inflammation or easing pain after surgeries. 

The top sellers when it comes to infused pet products are the treats. CBD pet treats for dogs are a favorite for animal owners. There is the option of infused peanut butter for the dogs that enjoy the flavor, chewable, infused feeds, and more. The chewable and feeds come with a pre-determined potency, with each piece having a certain amount of CBD. 

FAQ on CBD Pet Treats

As mentioned, not all pet owners are buying into the CBD-for-pets hype. A number have unending questions about the products and their appropriateness for their beloved animals. These are some commonly asked questions covering the four main issues of interest. 

Q: Will CBD treat get my pet high?

A: No. Most pet products in the market do not contain high levels of THC, which can make your animal high. As per legal regulations, the THC level should always be less than 0.3% which cannot get your pet high. You can try and buy products that advertise their lack of THC on the packaging for extra safety. 

Q: Are CBD treats safe for pets?

A: Yes. These treats are infused with CBD, which is safe per veterinary recommendations. They do not cause any harm to your beloved animals when taken in the right dosages. Advisably, you should give 1-5mg of the product per 10 pounds of your pet. 

Q: Is it legal to give CBD to pets?

A: Yes. It is legal to offer cannabidiol to your furry friends since it is also legal for humans. Though the FDA does not approve these products, they are considered safe. The FDA does not regulate them because CBD is a legal compound federally. 

Q: How will my dog react to CBD?

A: Most pets do not have adverse reactions to using infused treats. Chewable treats, oils, and tinctures help with various issues, including minimizing pain. It is common to note that your animal gets increasingly relaxed after taking the products. When taken in large amounts, you may note some lethargy and fatigue. Some dogs and cats sleep for prolonged hours when they overdose on CBD. In the right amount, the reaction is practically normal behavior. 

Q: Do CBD treats help stimulate pet appetite?

A: Yes, in some animals, these treats do stimulate appetite. CBD works by inducing general wellness. This factor means that your cats and dogs are more likely to be relaxed, comfortable, and free from pain or anxiety. In such conditions, your pets may be more accepting of food and water. A stress-free animal is easy to feed and gets into a regular sleeping and eating schedule. 

Q: How to choose the best type of CBD treats?

A: The best way to choose CBD chewable treats is by considering one’s pet size and the potency of the treats. As mentioned above, the right dosage includes feeding your pet 1-5mg per 0 pounds of pet. With larger dogs, it may be recommendable to go for higher doses of the products. Also, consider your animal’s predisposition. If it is not a fan of treats, the oils and tinctures can do the trick and vice versa. 

Q: Can pets use human CBD oil?

A: Though this may not hurt, it is always safer to practice caution. Human-infused products are for humans. They may contain higher doses of CBD and other additives that may be harmful to your beloved pets. Getting a product solely meant for pets is the best way of ensuring that you provide your animal with the right product. 

Q: How to feed CBD to pets?

A: Depending on the type of infused products, you have some options on how to feed your beloved furry friends. With tinctures and oils, you only need to drop the liquid in your pet’s mouth. Chewable treats are different in that you give the dog the treats, and they eat them. Peanut butter, on the other hand, can get added to food or fed directly to the pets. 

Q: Can my pet overdose on CBD?

A: Yes. Similar to humans, your furry friends can also overdose on CBD. When they take amounts that are too large for them, they end up experiencing fatigue and drowsiness. Your cat or dog can showcase lethargic symptoms for a couple of hours. This overdose can, in most cases, get treated with water. Keep your pet hydrated; if the symptoms persist, take it to a vet. 

Q: Can dog CBD treats be fed to cats?

A: This situation is another that may not hurt your household animals, but it would be preferable to avoid it all the same. If you have cats and dogs and want to save on the feeds, buying treats that fit both may be better. There are treats that you can feed to a variety of animals. Also, oils and tinctures are generally applicable to all types of animals. 


As you enjoy the relaxing benefits of CBD, you may wonder how your pet could feel if they took the same product. Well, the introduction of CBD for pets saved a lot of people from experimenting with infused human products on their pets. The treats and products come in various forms and potencies. As a pet owner, it is reasonable to have many questions about how these products work. Our list of FAQs answers some of the common questions found on the internet. They are broad to ensure that all sectors of CBD treats for pets get covered. 

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