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Cortana, she’s coming to an Xbox near you

by Felix Omondi
Cortana, she’s coming to an Xbox near you – Teeth and Claws drawn out in AI Race

As far as the race for artificial intelligence (AI) or digital assistant race goes, the tempo is at an all-time high. We are passed the growling, barking, and warning shots stage. Teeth and claws are being drawn out, and big guns are being brought into the battle.

As Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft lock horn in dominance fight for the alpha position in the digital assistant space. Microsoft has just released Cortana albeit in beta stage to its gaming console, the Xbox One. The company is currently carrying out some dry runs on the effectiveness of its digital assistant on a bunch of beta users ahead of a full launch planned for later this summer. Gamers will be able to talk to Cortana via the Kinect or headset.

In a statement, Microsoft said, “Cortana is coming to Preview in the U.S., U.K., France, Italy, Germany, and Spain first, and gamers can expect the familiar Cortana experience found on other Windows 10 devices.”

Gamers will use Cortana to find the latest games, see what other gamers are up to, organize or join a party, turn on the Xbox One if one is using Kinect and much more.

Microsoft is hell bent on making Cortana your ideal digital assistant across multiple devices, desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and gaming console. On the gaming console, users only need to say ‘Hey Cortana’ and the digital assistant will rise to do your bidding.


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