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Different Types of Attorneys for Common Legal Matters


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When it comes to lawyers it is not one size fits all. Attorneys will specialize in areas of the law giving them the best understanding and experience in one field. The range of legal practices varies from the well-known to the very niche and specialized. If you find yourself in need of legal advice then be sure to pick the legal team that is best suited to your needs. To offer you some guidance here are some of the common types of attorneys that you are likely to come across for the most common types of legal problems.

Real Estate

Real estate lawyers are one of the most likely lawyers you will use in your lifetime. They handle purchase agreements, mortgages, title, and transfer documents. A real estate lawyer will represent a seller in a transaction, a buyer, a landlord, or a tenant. Real estate is typically a non-contentious area of law and can often be done virtually without ever having to meet your attorney in person.

Criminal law

While you may hope to never need a criminal attorney they remain one of the most in-demand lawyers. As criminal cases are typically contentious in nature a criminal lawyer will also need to be a confident litigation attorney as they will be more likely to represent their client in court than other areas of the law. Criminal lawyers will need to understand the laws and rules regarding arrest, bail, pleas, proof, and trial. What is more, some criminal lawyers may need to be particularly robust if they are dealing with particularly difficult criminal matters, such as homicide or sexual assault. The Liberty Bell would be a good example of a law firm experienced in handling criminal law.

Employment law

Employment law is another contentious and in-demand area of the law. Employment attorneys will be used by both employees and employers alike to deal with legal disputes that arise in and around the workplace. Typical areas that an employment lawyer may advise on are wrongful dismissal, workplace discrimination, or redundancy matters.

Family law

A lawyer who specializes in family law will help advise clients in relation to all types of family situations. While many families will want to rectify their problems amongst themselves there will be times when the assistance of a third party is needed. What is more, there are legal matters that can play a part in personal decisions such as marriage and divorce and guidance is best sought. Common situations that a family lawyer will find themselves involved in are drafting prenuptial agreements, mediating divorce, and childcare issues.

Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers have enjoyed rapid growth in recent years and are now one of the most hired litigators. If someone is injured as a result of another person or company’s negligence then they could be entitled to compensation and this is where a personal injury lawyer will come in. A personal injury attorney will be best placed to advise as to who is the party at fault for the injury, to quantify the amount of compensation an injured party may be entitled to, and to ultimately help an injured party recover those damages.

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