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How to Download Facebook Videos [Simplest trick, No 3rd Party Software Installations]

by Felix Omondi
Download Facebook Videos

There is no doubt Facebook is acting like that ever jealous schoolgirl who always has to have the best of what her girlfriends are having. Lucky for us, we’re not dating this ‘Facebook Girl,’ but we do enjoy the benefit of her jealously. In this instance, I am talking about Facebook video and how much (jealous) it is trying to become and replace YouTube.

So you come across this really funny video on Facebook. But you can’t keep going over to that page or post and painstakingly scroll down to an earlier post. Assuming you want to see the video days, weeks, months, or even years after it was posted. You have better things to do with your time!

How to Download Facebook Videos for later offline viewing

The simplest workaround to searching for previously posted videos on Facebook is to download it to your phone. And this is where Facebook is really greater than YouTube and other video sharing platforms; you don’t need to install other software to download videos from Facebook.

Download Facebook Video on your Computer

It is the easiest! Just click on that video, go to your browser address bar and in the URL, replace the ‘web’ or ‘www’ with ‘m’. Take for instance in the video below:, replace it with The ‘m’ means you are now browsing the mobile Facebook site.Download Facebook Videos

Go to the video you would like to download and play it. (You must first start playing it for the next trick to work). Once the video is playing, right-click on the video and the content menu that pops up will give you the option ‘Save video as’.

Choose the location in your computer drive where you would like to save the video. That’s all.

How to Download Facebook Videos on your phone

Chances are high you access Facebook more on your smartphone than your desktop. That is why the next trick is even more useful.

Assuming you’re using a Mobile Browser

If you are on the mobile browser, you are automatically on unless you have the setting to show desktop version on. To download a video off Facebook, simply touch and hold the video and the option of ‘Save Video’ will pop up. Then tab it and voila! You got your video saved offline for later viewing.Download Facebook Videos

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