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Energy Bar Gives Your Battery Status a Neat Look

by Fahad Saleem

Energy Bar Gives Your Battery Status a Neat Look

The battery bar that displays at the top of our Android device is quite simple. A battery image filled with color; and as the battery diminishes, so does the colour. One can say it’s pretty boring. Now those who have rooted their devices have the feature to display their own battery bar that would change colour depending how much juice the battery had left. Sounds a bit neater, right? What about those who don’t root their devices? No need to worry, an app has appeared on Google Play that gives any Android user the ability to do this to the battery bar. It is called Energy Bar.

energy bar 1

Energy Bar has little menu that lets you set up the bar’s settings, such as changes to the colour of the bar, the size, position and more. The best feature is the multi-coloured bar; a bar which changes colour depending on the battery. For example, a fully charged battery will give the bar a green colour. As the battery starts to decrease, it will change to light green, yellow, orange and then red. This is great because if you choose not to show the battery percentage, you can easily find out which state your battery is in by taking a glance at the colour. Not only that, but it also gives a more furnished and attractive look to the battery bar and your Android panel.

Nowadays, everyone is into making their smartphones look more attractive and bold, and a small but neat tweak to your battery bar will give you a look that only few people have. So give the app a try, it is absolutely free and extremely small, and does not require you to root your device. Download Energy Bar from the Play Store.



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