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Google Wallet Now Supports Payments for Domino’s Pizza Orders

by Fahad Saleem

Google Wallet Now Supports Payments for Domino’s Pizza Orders

The flavor of technology can be found virtually everywhere. You will find applications of smart devices and gadgets at various places for easing out our work. When you talk about food items, technology has crept in with the suggestions of food items suitable for your health and recommending places for finding the best place to find your desired food. Ordering things online has been made convenient with the aid of credit cards, and the like facilities. You can now order your favorite Domino’s Pizza with the aid of Google Wallet app for Android. This facility is only available for US citizens. This is great news for the users of Android devices in US.

 Domino’s confirmed the integration of the Google Wallet to its supported payments. You can easily order your pizza by filling up some necessary details. Your favorite pizza is now just a few taps away from your Android smartphone. You just need to select the option of “buy with Google” while checking out, and that’s it.

The facility of making payments with Google Wallet has been added to enhance the user experience. It provides the customers with more flexibility and options to pay for their Domino’s orders.

For those who are not familiar with the Google Wallet, it is a free service for making payments through your smartphone that allows you to store debit cards and loyalty cards electronically, on your phone. If you are interested in using Google Wallet for making your payments for online orders then you need to register at official site of Google Wallet.

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For attracting the customers to use the Google Wallet for making the payments, Domino’s is providing some free incentives. You will get a Domino’s new Specialty Chicken as a free order if you place the order of minimum $10 using the Android app of Google Wallet. This offer is valid till June 15.

Meanwhile, some other pizza companies are also working on their integration with the technology in some aspects. Domino’s is not the only company to use technology for enhancing the customer experience. Pizza Hut had collaboration with Microsoft to allow the Xbox users live order pizzas with the aid of their gaming consoles. The pizza will certainly not be delivered with the aid of drone as company showed a stunt last year for showing off a small pizza delivery drone.

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