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Everything You Need To Know About Latest Firefox Major Update for PC and Android

by Fahad Saleem

 Everything You Need To Know About Latest Firefox Major Update for PC and Android

Firefox 29 has now been released with some innovative features for the browser and its users. This update has finally brought the much desired theme for the browser in the form of Australis. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also contains the minimal features for the browser. Some other new features for the desktop and mobile are inclusion of brand new customization options for the buttons appearing on the menu bar, Firefox sync that is now set up exclusively through Firefox account, and new re-positioned bookmark buttons. The updated version of Firefox also brings some features for the developers with the implementation of specifying the input type to be “number” or “color”. For Android, new sharing and customization options have been added or the home panels.

Firefox 29 for Desktop

Australis Theme

The Australis theme for Firefox makes it look very simple and elegant. The rounded tab corners make it look similar to the Chrome. You will find a new button for accessing the Firefox options. Pinned tabs now appear differently than they did before. The new three bar button allows you to access zoom, sync, cut/copy/paste options, developer tools and much more.

firefox 2

Customization Options

The updated version contains a new way of accessing the tools and options. The method for customizing them is also different. The previous method of right-clicking on the tabs’ bar and selecting Customize is still valid, but if you open the options menu, you will find the customize button there. When you click it, you enter into the customization mode. You can easily rearrange the tools that you wish to view in the options menu as well as which buttons appear next to the URL bar. You can also see a little button to show/hide the title bar.

firefox 3

The most interesting thing is that Firefox has chosen to add an ext button in the options menu.

firefox 4

Bookmarks and Bookmark Button

The bookmark button has now been moved. It no longer exists in the URL bar. It has been paired with a new button that allows you to access your bookmarks. The bookmarks bar still exists and you can easily enable it if that is where you want to access bookmarks from. However, the new button puts them in a position where they are easy to access.

firefox 5

No-More Add-ons Bar

The Add-ons bar is missing in the new version of Firefox. Buttons that are added by add-ons should be placed very next to the URL bar. It simply means that there is very less space for these buttons. It also provides a cleaner interface.

Firefox 29 for Android

More Sharing Options

By tapping the share button in the options menu, you will see more options for sharing.

firefox 6

Customize and Hide Home Panels

The home panels that you can swipe between are Top Sites, History, Bookmarks, and Reading lists. You can now hide any panel with the option of selecting a default one also.

firefox 7

Download Firefox 29

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